Causes and Treatments For Coughing After Eating

Do you want to know the causes and treatments for coughing after eating?The main reason why you may be coughing is that something is inside your body that your body is trying hard to get rid of. The irritating thing may be in between your throat. It is normal that you would cough from time to time even if you do not have a regular cough but when you cough after eating, this may be your body’s way of telling you that you have a serious condition that needs immediate attention.

Of course, if you have eaten something that is too hot or too cold, it is only normal for your body to react. It is trying to neutralize the temperature of the food that you have eaten but if you just ate other types of food and you have started coughing as a result, then you first have to take note what type of coughing fit you have just gone through. If you have coughed just to clear your throat then you need not worry because this happens normally to a lot of people but if you a cough uncontrollably afterward, then you may have other conditions that need to be diagnosed by your doctor at the soonest possible time.

Treatments for Coughing After Eating

Possible Reasons for Coughing After Eating

There are different reasons why you are coughing after eating. These reasons will be mentioned below but remember that even if you see some similar symptoms to what you are experiencing now, you are not recommended to self-diagnose. You should still see your doctor be sure about what you might possibly have.

  1. Allergies

This may be one of the most common reasons for coughing after you have just eaten something. You may be sensitive to certain types of food even though you have not realized it yet. This is because some food allergies only occur in adults and they never had food allergies when they were younger. There are instances when it is not the food itself that is causing the allergies but the way that the food is prepared. This explains why some people who have never been allergic to the chicken before suddenly develop an allergy probably because the chicken has not been cleaned properly.


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  1. Infection

There are times when people have trouble swallowing the food that they are trying to eat because the areas where the food is supposed to pass through has closed down. The closing of the food passages may be brought about by different reasons. It can be because of the allergies or it may also be because of bacteria and other viruses. At times, people may also choke if they are unable to remove the food that has gotten stuck in their throats.

  1. Asthma

There are some people with severe asthma that usually encounter coughs after eating probably because of the condition itself. Of course, there are also some people who only develop asthma because they are allergic to some of the food that they have eaten. If you have asthma then remember that food product that has caused you to cough after eating. They may have some components or particles that are causing your asthma to be triggered.

  1. GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease)

You do know that having GERD can cause a lot of problems. While coughing is one of them, most people associate GERD more with experiencing some acidity after eating because the stomach produces too much stomach acids in order to digest the food. This may be because of overeating or eating food products that can trigger the acidity. When people are having problems with indigestion, this can become a problem. This also leaves a sour taste in the mouth which a lot of people hate because they feel like vomiting because of the condition.

  1. Dysphagia

There are some people who develop this condition wherein they are having troubles with swallowing. Of course, when people are unable to swallow what they have eaten, they tend to cough up and spit out the food that they are trying to eat. If you become diagnosed with this condition, you may want to ease up on eating food that is hard to swallow. You also need to chew your food properly.

  1. Aspiration Pneumonia

If in case you are not familiar with this type of pneumonia this is probably because this is not brought about by bacteria and viruses like the normal types of pneumonia. This is caused breathing in food, liquid or other types of fluid into your lungs by mistake. This is not really common and it might require medical attention depending on what has been breathed in.

Coughing After Eating

Treatments for Coughing After Eating

The type of treatment that you have to undergo will highly depend on the condition that you have. If you suspect that the temperature of the food or drink has caused you to cough then you can only drink and eat food at normal temperature.

  • If you have allergies then you may want to take note of the food that you have taken that is causing you to have allergies. If you know that you cannot take certain food products then do not insist anymore. If you eat too much of food that you are allergic to, you might develop an infection. Some medications may be prescribed to you by your doctor.
  • If you have asthma then this is the same as what you have to do when you have allergies that may lead to infections. You need to make sure that you will avoid certain food products. If in case you do eat something that you did not know had any of the food products that you are allergic to, you may be prescribed to get some medications that can help you out. There may also be some long-term symptoms that may be solved by the medications that will be prescribed to you.
  • If you have GERD in its early stages then some medications will be prescribed to you as well. Usually, you will be given antacids in order to give you the relief that you are searching for but if in case you are unable to get relief, there may be other treatments that will be done by your doctor. If all else fails, the only available solution is surgery.
  • If you have Dysphagia which is the difficulty in swallowing, you would need to undergo some tests first so that the doctor can be sure about your current condition. There is a need for the doctor to see what is causing the difficulty in swallowing first so that proper treatments can be employed. This is one condition that does not only affect adults. It can also affect younger people. Some parents are taught how they can feed their children properly. In order to avoid having difficulty in swallowing, it is best to choose food products that are not too thick.
  • If you have Aspiration Pneumonia, you would need to be brought to the ER immediately so that you can be checked by your doctor. There are different symptoms that may come with this condition. Usually, a crackling sound can be heard on the lungs probably brought about by the foreign material that has come in contact with the lungs. You will then be checked if this is already a chronic condition. You may be prescribed to take medications such as antibiotics. There are some severe cases wherein people are required to be fed differently than most because being prone to having this condition will increase the chances of getting an infection.

Preventing The Causes of Coughing After Eating

As you know, prevention is always better than getting treatments. There are certain things that you can do in order to improve your health. If you are healthy, you have a lesser chance of acquiring certain diseases.

  • Make sure that you are well rested – If you do not get enough rest because of your job or if you do not rest because of the things that you think about, remember that the main reason why you may be coughing is that your body is tired. Make sure that you get enough rest to allow your body to recover.
  • Use a humidifier – If in case you would need to get rid of phlegm easily, you need to breathe in moist air. If you live in a dry place, removing phlegm can be harder. Breathe in air from a humidifier or if you are taking a bath, breathe in the steam. This will help you expel phlegm in an easier manner.
  • Eat slowly – Probably because of some people’s training or because some people are required to eat fast, this is exactly what they do. They make sure that they will eat fast. You need to chew your food well and swallow your well so that your food will not get into the wrong tube.

You can always prevent the possibility of coughing after eating as long as you would pay attention to what your body is telling you. Remember that if you feel that your cough is getting worse, you truly need to seek the help of your doctor.

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