15 Fabulous Foods to Fight High Blood Pressure Naturally

There are certain foods that can fight against high blood pressure and help you reduce it naturally. You should start incorporating more of these foods into your daily diet if you are just trying to prevent your blood pressure from reaching a dangerous high. Some of the foods are pretty common while others might require seeking them out and when the next time you’re out for shopping you have to add these foods to your cart. As a part of the comprehensive approach, these foods should be consumed including increased exercise plan and other lifestyle changes. The foods that are helpful to lower the blood pressure to normal levels are:

15 Foods to Fight High Blood Pressure Naturally



More peas, please! Peas are one the food that helps you stave off high blood pressure as it contains proteins as well as folic acid and other vitamins for the overall cardiovascular support to your system. The best part about peas is its amazing especially if you buy the fresh organic peas. You can also find organic peas from the organic frozen varieties but they are a bit costly from the other ones. The flavor of these frozen peas will be different as the conventional peas tend to absorb plenty of chemicals.

2.Baked Potato

Is Potato A Vegetable

Those who are on a low-carb diet may avoid the use of baked potatoes but they are very helpful to fight high blood pressure. One of the benefits that baked potato may provide is that they contain kukoamine. The quantity is not clear whether a single serving is enough or not to lower your high blood pressure but adding it to your plate seems to be worth it. You can still enjoy its benefits by cooking them in some other ways.



Celery is another effective vegetable that can help to trickle down the effects of keeping your blood pressure levels in check as celery helps your heart and veins to function better. Celery can also work to maintain a good blood pressure level by helping to balance your blood sugar levels. The nice part about this vegetable is that it is a superfood that contains so many healthy benefits including weight loss. Losing weight is another way to keep your blood pressure down and to reduce the chances of complications arising from high blood pressure by maintaining a healthy weight is a great way.

4.Green Beans

Green Beans

Green Beans can have a very healthy effect on your blood pressure as it creates favorable conditions for healthy levels. As the green beans contain Vitamin C so they help your body in at least three different aspects and their fiber content and potassium has perhaps the most direct effect on your blood pressure. By adding green beans to your plate, you simply can’t go wrong so just be sure not to smother them in the butter. To make them even healthier, consider adding slivered almonds.


Raw Papaya

When it comes to Vitamin C content, oranges typically get mentioned but the papaya puts it to shame with having plenty more per gram of Vitamin C than an orange. You’ll be taking a big step towards wrangling in higher than normal blood pressure levels if you add this in your daily diet as papaya is the mix of vitamins and minerals including potassium and amino acids. The potassium content of papaya is also beneficial for the general health of your heart. The taste of papaya is also very good so consider adding it to the lineup if this one fruit doesn’t currently make your fruit rotation.


Oatmeal and Honey Scrub
If you don’t care about the taste then you may be tired of hearing how good oatmeal is for you. But if you are highly concerned about the levels of your blood pressure and for this condition you loathe taking so much medication then by increasing your oatmeal intake you might be able to reduce your prescription. It doesn’t mean you have to eat bowl after bowl of oatmeal as just one bowl of oatmeal in the morning is enough and it will make a big difference. Try to avoid the flavored types of oatmeal as they may contain unnecessary sugar, which will raise your blood glucose levels.



You should aim to eat guava before your lunch or dinner if you want to mimic the results of a clinical study performed in India. As guava contains rich amount of potassium levels so it provides healthy and beneficial results to lower high blood pressure levels. Guava also contains a healthy amount of fiber which is good for your digestive systems to move things along. Besides lowering the blood pressure, guava has so many other health benefits including assisting in weight loss efforts.


Yogurt Health Benefits

According to the studies that are partially funded by Yoghurt companies, depending on how much stock you give there may be some benefit to having daily non-fat yogurt. Yogurt contains a healthy amount of potassium as well as calcium and magnesium so you will be working to keep your blood pressure balanced as long as you keep the fat content low in it. When it comes to knocking down your blood pressure then this is definitely not the silver bullet but it may show results if consumed with other foods on this page.


Tomato Juice

You’d think they were some sort of superfood with all of the press the tomatoes get. Actually, they are. Tomatoes are good to lower the level of blood pressure and it gives so many other benefits too, like helping with everything to premature aging of the skin. It’s best to eat the tomatoes without much processing and cooking when preparing and consuming them, not with other ingredients like fatty meats and cheese like on a pizza.



These fuzzy little green fruits are not just yummy and sweet, as it also contains so many benefits like keeping your high blood pressure balanced or low from becoming a problem. In order to maintain your blood pressure naturally, make a habit of eating 3 kiwis each day. You should be covered as far as battling free radicals goes by adding few kiwis to your grocery list and consuming them along with other foods that are rich in antioxidants.



Like raspberries, blueberries contain a plenty of antioxidants which have a direct impact on your blood pressure by knocking out free radicals in your system. As a refreshing breakfast, consider eating a bowl of fresh blueberries which is mixed with other healthy fruits. Eat them without adding sugar on them or adding things like muffins or pancakes.



Everyone knows the several benefits of spinach, including our list of super foods and Spinach, is also a key ingredient of so many Detox Drinks. One of the main benefits of Spinach is that it helps to maintain your blood pressure. You can simply add this ingredient into your daily salad or you can also add Spinach to a smoothie for an instant upgrade.



Avocados are one of the healthy foods that can attack high blood pressure from multiple angles and helps you to keep your blood pressure balanced. Avocados contains rich amount of potassium, fiber and they are also high in monosaturated fat. For having a better chance of keeping things stabilized, this three-pronged approach really sets you up. Avocados can also complement so many health conscious meals and from salads to tacos, it can be used to top off anything. Avocados can be eaten directly and to hold you over between meals it can be used as a snack. You can end up feeling fuller longer because of the fat content.


Carrot Soup

To make a difference to your blood pressure, it can be hard crunching up enough carrots so it’s a good idea to drink a carrot juice which is very beneficial and healthy to maintain your high blood pressure. Most of the people are aware of so many benefits of carrots as another most prominent benefit of carrots is that they are good for your eyesight. Carrots contain potassium and antioxidants which to normalize the blood pressure levels are the two major supporters. The specific types of fiber that are contained by carrots also help to keep you clear and free.



Watermelon is one of the healthy and beneficial fruit which is good for lowering high blood pressure levels and most of the people don’t mind getting more of it, especially when they are aware of its benefits. It helps a lot in the case of rising and fall of blood pressure because it contains all the L-Citrulline. It can result in lowering your Blood Pressure levels by relaxing your arteries. Consider taking it at every morning or make a habit to start your day with an assortment of fresh melons.

These all are the foods that are helpful in lowering your high blood pressure levels naturally so make to add them in your daily diet as they are really beneficial and healthy.

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