8 Easy Home Remedies to Get Rid of Earwax Naturally

How to get rid of earwax safely at home?Earwax is naturally produced by the glands in the ear canal. Earwax is meant to protect the ears as it has antibacterial properties. Aside from getting rid of bacteria, they are also meant to lubricate the ears.

Normally, the earwax is produced and there is a slow process that the earwax has to follow so that it can be effectively removed from the ear when it is already near the outer area. The problem occurs when too much earwax causes buildup or blockage in some parts of the ear. The earwax may get stuck inside the ear canal because of the following reasons:

  • Using Q-tips to remove earwax
  • Placing other long and narrow objects inside the ear
  • Using headsets and earplugs often

If in case you are very careful about the things you place inside your ear, there are also other infections that may cause more earwax such as the following:

  • Infection of the skin, bones or cartilage
  • Trauma within the ear canal
  • Deficiency of some vitamins and minerals

If you feel that you are currently suffering from earwax blockage, you should not worry because there are different remedies that you can do in order to get rid of earwax immediately.

How to Get Rid of Earwax

Symptoms of Too Much Earwax

You will know if there is too much earwax on your ears if you experience the following symptoms:

  • There is an uncomfortable sensation in your ear that you are trying your best to get rid of.
  • You tend to feel like your ear is full.
  • You can barely hear anything from your left ear.
  • Your ear itches.

If you do experience the discomfort because of having too much earwax, your initial reaction may be to get rid of the earwax soon but you need to use ear wax removal kits to do it. You cannot just try to remove earwax without knowing how.

When you fail to remove the earwax from your ear, the symptoms you will begin to experience will become more intense:

  • Severe pain coming from your ear
  • There may be some drainage coming out from your ear
  • Fever
  • Uncontrollable coughing
  • Hearing loss that may come and go
  • Dizziness – Take note that the ear is responsible for helping us keep our balance.
  • Odor that comes from the ear

8 Easy Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Earwax

If you are not too comfortable with placing some chemicals inside your ear in order to get rid of the earwax, you can try using some natural remedies first. There is one advice you should remember: you need to follow the steps of using natural remedies precisely otherwise the blockage of your earwax may become worse. If after you have done the remedies mentioned below and you still have too much earwax on your ear, go to a doctor immediately.

These are some of the natural remedies you can use to get rid of earwax:

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

If you would like to get rid of earwax accumulation, hydrogen peroxide is one of the best that you can use at home. This will be able to remove the earwax from your ear effectively.

  • Mix hydrogen peroxide with water.
  • You can use an ear dropper to slowly place the mixture in your ear.
  • Tilt your head sideways as you allow the solution to enter your ear canal.
  • Leave for about 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Tilt your head towards the floor depending on the ear where you have placed the mixture so that the solution will be drained.
  • You will see a more watery earwax that you can easily expel from your ear. You can just wipe it with a clean cloth to remove the excess earwax you have removed from your ear.
  1. Vinegar with Rubbing Alcohol

This is one of those home remedies that people have used in the past and it has worked before so it is very likely that it is going to work now. The alcohol will serve as the drying agent so that it will evaporate once it reaches the ear. The vinegar, on the other hand, will be effective in killing the fungi and bacteria that may be causing the infection of the ear.

  • You need to prepare white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a bowl.
  • You can soak a cotton ball in the solution.
  • Tilt your head with the affected ear facing towards the ceiling as you drop the solution into your ear.
  • Allow the solution to stay inside your ear for about 5 minutes.
  • Tilt your head again but this time going towards the floor as you allow the solution to drain out.
  • You may start to see the earwax that caused the blockage to stay near the front portion of the ear.
  1. Olive Oil

You may think that olive oil is just effective for the skin and hair. Of course, people know how this can be effective for cooking but there is so much more to olive oil that you should know. Olive oil can effectively make the wax softer so that it can be easily expelled from the ear.

  • You need to warm the olive oil for a few minutes.
  • You can use a dropper to drop a few olive oil on the affected ear.
  • It may take 10 minutes before the ear wax can become completely soft.
  • Remove the oil from your ear once you tilt it sideways.
  1. Warm Water

If you want to flush out the excess earwax from your ears, you can just use warm water to do this natural remedy. The force of the water on your ear will be enough to get rid of the wax so that you can remove it from your ear easily. When using warm water, make sure that you will only pick clean water.

  • Make sure that the water is not too warm for your ear. Your best bet is to make the temperature almost near room temperature water but slightly warmer.
  • Face your affected ear towards the ceiling and pull your outer ear so that the ear canal can be straighter.
  • Put a small amount of water in your ear canal.
  • Leave on your ear for a short while then tilt towards the opposite side so that the ear wax can be completely drained.
  • You can use a clean cloth to wipe away the water and the earwax from the ear.
  1. Baby Oil

Another type of oil that you can use in order to soften earwax is baby oil. This has been used by a lot of people in the past and there is no reason why you cannot use it now.

  • You need to use a dropper in order to place the baby oil into your ear.
  • Put about 2 – 5 drops.
  • You need to place a cotton ball on the opening of the cotton ball in order to prevent the oil from going out.
  • Leave for a few minutes.
  • Get rid of the cotton ball and tilt your head towards the other direction so you can remove the excess oil.
  • The opening of the ear may have leftover oil and earwax. Remove the excess with the use of a clean cloth.
  1. Salt Water

This is one of the most popular remedies for removing earwax. Salt water can make the hard earwax softer so that it can be expelled easily from the ear.

  • Mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of water.
  • Soak a cotton ball in the salt water mixture.
  • Tilt the affected ear towards the ceiling and place a few drops of salt water from the cotton.
  • Tilt your head towards the other direction.
  • You can remove the wax from your outer ear with the use of a clean cloth.
  1. Almond Oil

Almond oil is known to be good for the body so it is no surprise that it can be used to get rid of earwax as well. You can simply use almond oil in order to lubricate the ear and soften the earwax so that it will be easier to remove.

  • You need to use room temperature almond oil.
  • Use an ear dropper in order to place the almond oil into the ear. Just a few drops will be enough.
  • Allow the almond oil to soften the wax for about 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Place a tissue over the ear where you have placed the oil.
  • Tilt towards the other side to get rid of the oil effectively.
  • Clear away the outer ear from excess oil and wax.
  1. Baking Soda

There is something about baking soda that makes it extremely useful in various parts of the home. You can use it to get rid of earwax too. You can make hard wax become softer with the use of this remedy.

  • Mix a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda in two teaspoons of clean water.
  • Use a dropper in order to place several drops into your ear.
  • Wait for 10 minutes while keeping one side of your head tilted towards the ceiling.
  • Use a rubber bulb syringe in order to flush warm water inside your ear.
  • You can then place the affected ear towards the floor so that the excess solution will be drained from the ear.
  • Clean the residue from your outer ear with the use of tissues or clean cloth.

Using Over-the-Counter Kit

Let us say that you would rather use an over-the-counter kit in order to get rid of your earwax. There are different brands and varieties that are available. You simply need to choose the one that is right for you. You can read the reviews of the kits first before you make a decision.

Over-the-counter kits require you to do the ear irrigation solution. This is effective provided that you do not have an ear injury and you have not have had any medical procedure done on your ear. If you have a ruptured eardrum and you try to do this, you may acquire ear infection. In some severe cases, this may cause hearing loss.

These are the steps you normally have to take to safely use over-the-counter kits:

  1. Choose a position that you are comfortable in. You may choose to stand up or sit down.
  2. Hold your outer ear and stretch it out a bit to straighten the ear canal.
  3. Use a syringe without a needle in order to place a stream of water inside your ear. Make sure that the water is room temperature. If you choose to place water that is too warm or too cold, you may become slightly dizzy.
  4. Drain the water by tipping your head towards the floor.

This has to be done several times in order to prevent wax buildup. Those who are prone to getting wax buildups may do it from time to time.

Should You Consider Ear Candling?

There are some people who say that ear candling is very effective but for those who have experienced bad effects because of ear candling, they would need to spend more in order to cure the burns that they have acquired. Some of the negative effects include the following:

  • Punctured eardrums
  • Face and ear burns
  • Injuries

If you would still choose to get ear candling, choose someone who is aware of the proper things that should be done. There are a lot of accidents that are unreported.

Getting Medical Help

If in case you have tried all of the natural remedies and over-the-counter kits but you still have blocked earwax, you cannot waste any more time. You need to go and visit your doctor immediately. For people who normally get blocked ears, going to the doctor once a year will be enough to prevent earwax blockages.

The doctor may do the following methods to get rid of the blocked earwax:

  1. Irrigation treatment
  2. Suction treatment
  3. Use a curette

A curette is a curved instrument that will be used to scoop out hardened wax from the ear in order to prevent further wax buildup.

You will be instructed by the doctor about the after-care treatment. A lot of people have said that normal hearing returns almost immediately. If you are prone to getting earwax buildup, you may experience this from time to time.

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