How to Get Rid of Scabies & Crabs Step By Step

There are a lot of people who are afflicted with scabies. It is possible that the main reason why you are reading this right now is because you also have it and you would like to get rid of scabies at the soonest possible time. If in case you are not sure why you have it, you should remember that scabies is caused by very small mites. These mites are called sarcoptesscabiei.

Usually, what these small animals do is they dig deeper into the skin and this can cause an intense itching sensation for people. The bad thing about this is that it is highly contagious. This means that placing one body part against the part that is itching might make the other body part itchy too. You can also spread scabies to other people who are with you. Based on these things, it can be quite apparent that scabies should be remedied at the soonest possible time.

Get Rid of Scabies

Prevention of Scabies & Crabs

If in case you are not sure yet if you have scabies then you still have a chance to prevent it. Here are just some of the possible things that you can do to possibly prevent the onset of scabies:

  • Vacuum – The great thing about vacuuming is that you are able to get rid not only of allergens but also the mites that may cause scabies. If you are going to vacuum, make sure that you will do this to your entire home.
  • Wash Cloth in Hot Water – Since mites can die in hot water, you can wash your blanket, your pillow cases and your beddings in very hot water. This will help get rid of the possibility of the mites multiplying and spreading.
  • Dry Clothes with the Use of a Dryer – Since the dryer is normally very hot, this can naturally kill some mites that may be stuck in between the clothes.
  • Avoid Getting Contact with Anyone with Scabies – Whether the person who have scabies is your family member, your loved one or a friend, you may have to avoid meeting up with the person first because scabies is highly contagious. If you do get it from another person, this can be a problem in the long run.

These things are just some of the things that you should do to prevent scabies but if you already have scabies, what you should do is focus on the cure.

You have to remember that before you try to get rid of scabies, you have to remember that all of the items that you will use should not be used by your family members and loved ones because it is highly contagious. You cannot let your family members use your beddings and even your clothes. Do remember that there are different steps that you have to take like the following.

How to Get Rid of Scabies & Crabs Step By Step

  1. Recognize the Symptoms of the Condition

You have to be sure that you know the symptoms when you feel it. You know that you have scabies if you would feel intense itching in the same area for a period of weeks and even up to a few months. The itch should also be intense. You will feel the need to scratch all over the body because of the mite. Other symptoms that you have to watch out for are tiny bumps on the skin and the small lines in between the bumps that have appeared on your skin.

  1. Look at the Part that it is Itchy

You have to pay special attention to it because it might not be the normal itch that you feel from day to day. Remember that there are moments when you may feel the itch. Some of these moments are the following:

  • Before going to sleep at night.
  • After taking a bath.
  • When you are feeling a bit warm because of the weather or after doing strenuous exercises.
  1. Go to the Doctor

Once that you have seen the tiny bumps on the skin that may be located at different parts of your body plus the various lines that are lined up in between the bumps, you can be sure that you already have the condition and you would have to get yourself checked by the doctor at the soonest possible time. Usually, the doctor will know your condition the moment that he/she checks the rash but if in case it might seem confusing; some tests would have to be done. You would have to tell the doctor some details:

  • You have to tell the doctor if you have some skin allergies.
  • You have to tell the doctor if you have some skin conditions or other diseases that may be totally unrelated to the skin.
  • You have to inform the doctor if you have some allergies with various medications that may be used for the skin.
  1. Follow the Prescription of Your Doctor

Once the doctor has finalized that you have scabies, the doctor will prescribe medications that you will use to help you become cured with this condition. Here are the possible medications that may be prescribed:

  • Sulfur Ointment – The main reason why this is an effective treatment is because it is safe to use even by children. This is also inexpensive and would only have to be placed on the scabies found on the skin.
  • Anti histamines – Anti histamine medications may help reduce the itch that might be felt on the skin. Do remember that this might not be used by children. Following the prescription of the doctor is absolutely necessary.
  • Corticosteroid creams – If the doctor would like you to get rid of the mites that are causing scabies and kill them off completely, the use of the corticosteroid creams can do that well.

Other than these things mentioned above, there may still be other creams that may be prescribed by your doctor. There may also be some medications that will be prescribed depending on the severity of your condition and what you need so that you can stay comfortable.

  1. Think about Other Remedies

If you do not want to use the prescriptions all the time, what you should do is think about the other natural home remedies that can help you get rid of scabies. Here are some natural remedies that you can consider:

  • Neem Oil – When it comes to scabies, this is always one of the remedies that are used to cure this condition. Neem oil can help kill the mites that are causing scabies.
  • Tea Tree Oil – Aside from the fact that this is highly natural, tea tree oil can be effective because it has antiseptic properties that can help kill the mites. Placing tea tree oil on the area every day will help get rid of the mites.
  • Bitter Gourd – While there are some people who do not want to eat bitter gourd, bitter gourd can be very effective in getting rid of scabies. Do remember that this can be mixed in with lemon juice so that it can taste better.

Now that you already know the various remedies to get rid of scabies and crabs, remember that it will still be best if you would be checked by the doctor instead of trying to diagnose yourself based on the symptoms that you see. You still have to be sure.

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