How to Get Rid of Headaches at the Base of the Skull

There are different types of headaches that people may get to experience. These headaches stem from different problems. For instance, you may begin to feel a headache forming in between your forehead that seems to radiate from your nose area. This may be a sinus headache brought about by having sinusitis. This is usually more common when you have flu. What if you would start experiencing headaches at the base of your skull? What type of headache do you think you are experiencing?

There are different causes of headache that may be felt at the base of your skull. The pain may sometimes be so great that it can be felt up to the shoulder area and even up to the arms. There are even times when people feel that the pain is too great that they can barely get up. Usually, this is one type of headache that hinders people from doing their usual tasks.

It is important that you will get to know the cause of the headache that you are feeling at the base of your skull so that proper treatments will be recommended by your doctor.

Causes of Headache at Base of Skull

Common Causes of Headache at Base of Skull

  1. Neck Arthritis

There are times when your issues with your neck may manifest to the base of your skull. This is a type of condition that usually affects the joints of the neck. Since the cartilage becomes inflamed, it may deteriorate and this will allow the bones of the neck to rub against each other. The friction of the bones causes the pain. The joints may also become deformed and this can cause severe pain.

  1. Trauma

If you have just undergone an injury recently or you have developed a severe stiff neck because of the position that you have to keep for a long period of time, this may cause trauma. The ligaments and the joints may be affected by this and this can cause the neck to be in pain. Actually, even the area near the back of the skull can be in pain as well. This can be uncomfortable but resting can give you the relief that you need.

  1. Slipped Disc

There are some people who develop this condition because of the movements that they make. The bones that protect the spinal cord are placed one on top of each other. They are then further protected by the ‘disc’ or the elastic tissue that protects the bones. If one of them ‘slips.’ this can be very uncomfortable. The main reason why it is uncomfortable is because it may pinch a nerve which can eventually cause headaches at the base of the skull.

  1. Sleeping Position

You already know this especially after you wake up in the morning and you realize that a lot of places in your body hurts. When your sleeping position is not too comfortable, you can already expect that you will be aching in different places. One of the places that may hurt is at the base of your skull. If ever you would like to reduce the chances of getting a stiff neck, make sure that your neck is properly elevated. If you would elevate this too much, this may hurt your neck, head and your back. If you would continue with your usual sleeping position, you can expect that the pain will turn chronic.

  1. Muscle Tension

There will be times when your muscles may become tense because of the position that you are staying in all day long. For example, if you hunch in front of your computer the whole day then you can expect that your shoulders and neck will start to hurt. As the tension of your muscles progress or if you would not do anything to relieve the tension, then the condition will worsen. You will begin to feel a headache at the base of your skull. Remember that if you would like to reduce the possibility of getting this condition, you need to pay attention to your posture. Stretching and moving around when you get the chance can work a lot.

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  1. Osteoporosis

There are times when your bones begin to deteriorate probably because of the lack of calcium and other nutrition that the you are getting from the type of food that you are eating. This is one condition that is more common in the elderly rather than in young people. Usually, those who are over 50 become afflicted with this condition more. When the bones become weak and brittle, this can become a problem. This can affect the base of the skull and can cause headaches.

  1. Tumors

When the pain can be felt at the base of the skull, it can be caused by base of skull tumors. The tumors that can be found here are usually not malignant. As they grow, they may cause some headaches and can cause pain and headache.

  1. Long Hours of Sitting

There are some people who are known to spend a lot of time in front of their computers. There are also some who do not need to work anymore and they do nothing but stay in front of their television sets. They do not want to exercise or move around anymore. The sedentary lifestyle that they have may affect their body. The strain that will be placed on the base of the skull and the neck will be evident. Usually, those who have this type of lifestyle would experience headaches at the base of the skull more often than those who have a healthier and more active lifestyle.

How to Get Rid of Headaches at the Base of the Skull

How to Get Rid of Headaches at the Base of the Skull

If you would like to lessen your chances of getting headaches at the base of your skull then you may want to change your lifestyle a bit. There are some things that you can do so that you can prevent your headaches such as the following:

  • Consume more fish oil. If you love eating healthy types of fish then you will have no problems about getting the amount of fish oil that you need in order to stay healthy. If you take in more Omega 3 Fatty Acids, you will be reducing the chances of acquiring headaches.
  • Consume ginger. Do you know that ginger is one of the home remedies that people have always used in order to prevent headaches? This is because of Thromboxane A2 that can be found in ginger. This can help dilute the blood vessels and can make sure that lesser headaches will be felt.
  • Reduce your intake of coffee. Do you love drinking coffee? Perhaps you would like to drink caffeinated beverages because you feel that you can work better with caffeine but if you are experiencing more headaches, this may be due to drinking too much caffeine. Also, if you are already encountering a headache and you would take caffeine, this may worsen the condition that you are in.
  • Make sure that you will try to have a better posture. You need to remember that your posture can affect not only your neck and back but also the base of your skull. If you do not want to have base skull headaches, you need to make sure that you will improve on your posture. Try to keep your shoulders straight, chest out and stomach in. This type of posture can make a huge difference.
  • Take supplements that will allow you to be healthier. One of the minerals that you need to take that can help prevent the onset of headaches is magnesium. If you take supplements that contain magnesium then you can stop yourself from getting a headache.

If in case you have already done the above mentioned things but you still experienced having headaches then you need to seek proper treatments depending on your condition. You need to have yourself thoroughly checked by your doctor.

Here are some of the possible treatments that you may undergo:

  1. Muscle Relaxants – If the pain that you are experiencing on your neck and the base of your skull is caused by strained muscles, you may be prescribed to take muscle relaxants in order to reduce the strain. There are safe and effective drugs that will be prescribed to you by your doctor.
  2. Neck Brace– You know that some people who have gotten into accidents sometimes need to wear something around their necks that can prevent their necks from getting into positions that may worsen their condition. This can be removed once the area has already healed.
  3. Neck Traction – This is different from a neck brace. What this does is it supports the muscles and the ligaments that are being strained. This will eventually help get rid of the pressure being felt on the nerves.

For some serious cases, surgeries are needed especially if the condition cannot be cured by different medications and treatments anymore. Leading a healthier lifestyle will always decrease your chances of getting a headache. Live a healthier lifestyle now and you will not have any regrets.

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