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Is potato a vegetable?There are always a lot of things that people debate about usually. For instance, there are a lot of people who are fed various types of facts over the past years. As a result, people sometimes have facts that cannot truly be considered as facts because they are not real.

There are people who have been debating about various things over the past years and one of these things that people debate about is whether the potato is a vegetable or not. Do you wonder about this as well? Perhaps you have already argued about this with other people. Which side are you on? Do you believe that the potato is a vegetable or not?

Is Potato A Vegetable

Is Potato Truly A Vegetable?

If you are wondering if it is true that the potato is a vegetable, you have to remember that according to some of the reports that have been created; the potato is truly a vegetable. This is actually a nightshade vegetable.

It may come as a surprise to people that out of all the nightshade vegetables that are available, it is only the potato and all of those that are related to it are the ones eaten by humans. Another example of a nightshade vegetable is the tobacco but people do not really eat the tobacco. Rather, this is smoked because it has a certain effect.

There may be some confusion with potato being a vegetable or fruit because others that may be considered as vegetables such as eggplants and tomatoes are actually fruits. You may be classifying the food products depending on the type of taste that they can give but eggplants and tomatoes are considered to be fruits because they have seeds. The potato is a vegetable because it does not contain any seeds.

Why Potatoes Can be Dangerous

At this point in time, humans have been consuming potatoes for a long period of time that it can be somewhat surprising for a lot of people why potatoes can sometimes be considered as dangerous. There are already so many things that can be done with potatoes from mashed potatoes, French fries and even hash browns.

Potatoes are known to produce alpha chaconine and alpha solanine. These components are considered to be toxic for humans. It seems that because of these two compounds, there is always a possibility that people are going to have some gastrointestinal problems because of consuming too many potatoes. It has been said that raw potatoes may be considered deadlier than cooked ones.

For some people who have always eaten potatoes raw or may have eaten some leaves and stems of the potatoes without cooking them, this may not be too much of a concern but it has been proven that people have gotten some health problems because of this. Some have reported just getting some symptoms of diarrhea. Some have also experienced vomiting because of eating raw potatoes but some have also died because of it.

You have to remember that when it comes to this issue with potatoes, this can be solved simply by removing the skin since most of the toxic compounds can be found there.

Aside from its heritage as part of the nightshade family, another reason why it is considered to be bad for the health is because of the amount of pesticides that it normally has. If it is exposed to a lot of pesticides, it has the ability to take these pesticide residue amounts. If in case you would like to avoid this possibility, search for potatoes that are labeled as organic. This means that these potatoes have taken longer to grow but at the same time, they are not exposed to any pesticide at all.

Advantages of Eating Potatoes

After the things that you have learned above, you may not be sure if there are some advantages that you can get from eating potatoes but studies show that there are still some benefits that you can get. You just have to make sure that you will eat in moderation and this will not become a problem.

Here are some of the possible advantages you can get:

  • Will give you fast fuel – If in case you would need something that can keep you energized for a short period of time, the use of potatoes can be beneficial for you. You will immediately feel energized so that you can continue on with your tasks.
  • Has resistant starch – Starch may be considered a bad thing by a lot of people but in a way, resistant starch can give effects that are somewhat similar to fiber. This means that after eating potatoes, you will tend to feel full. Thus, this will eliminate the need for you to consume other food products that you will not benefit from.
  • Contains carotenoidsCarotenoids are known to be inhibitors of toxins that may be causing some problems in the body. At the same time, carotenoids can help in preventing inflammation of the nerves.
  • Has Kukoamine – If you are someone who is suffering from hypertension then you know that Kukoamine is a new phenolic compound that can be very beneficial for you.

Now that you know the advantages of eating potatoes, will you be willing to take a chance on eating potatoes at present time?

How to Cook Potatoes

How to Cook Potatoes

Now that you have made the conscious decision to try eating potatoes again, you have to remember that there are different ways by which you can cook it. Once again, remember that removing the skin of the potatoes can be very helpful as this can reduce your exposure to compounds that will be toxic for you.

  • Steaming – This may be the most recommended way for you to cook a potato because you will not be adding some unhealthy fats while cooking. This will ensure that the nutrients that you will find in potatoes will still remain intact.
  • Grilling – There are some people who are fond of the taste of grilled potatoes especially if they have done it in camping but this may not always be good especially if the potatoes will be burnt. It may start to contain carcinogens.
  • Frying – This may be the most well known way in order to cook potatoes because admittedly, this can be the tastiest as well but the bad effects that this can give in the long run should be given proper attention. Usually, the moment that you learn about the amount of calories that you are taking in because of frying potatoes, you will lose the desire to eat fried potatoes all the time.

Of course, aside from the cooking methods that are mentioned above, you may also choose to boil or bake potatoes. Baking is fine as long as you would add just the right amount of flavoring to your potato. It would be best if you could avoid placing too much salt and butter. You may add other flavors instead. Boiling would usually lead you to mash your potatoes. Again, the flavorings that you will put in will matter a lot.

You have to remember that the resistant starch that can be found in potatoes can be highly beneficial for you. If you would like to become more exposed to it, you may need to cool down your potatoes first before you eat them. This vegetable may not be as healthy as others but you have to admit that it tastes great.

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