Does Severe Lower Back Pain Indicate a Serious Problem?

Are you suffering from lower back pain? You may think that you are the only one but studies show that 8 out of 10 people usually suffer from lower back pain? Do remember that most of the time; the main cause of lower back pain is not serious. There are even times when the cause of pain is not even clear. What people can do in order to make lower back pain go away that is not diagnosed is to do the usual physical activities. It is even likely that stretching or doing other physical activities may help tremendously.

Lower Back Pain

Reasons for Lower Back Pain

You have to know that there are different types of lower back pain that you ought to know more about s that you can diagnose what type of lower back pain you are feeling. The most common types are the following:

  • Unclear Lower Back Pain – You can already tell why this is called non – specific back pain, it is because the pain has not been truly specified. This is the type of pain that people will feet at some point in their lives and the thing about this is that people cannot be entirely sure what the main reason is why pain is being felt.
  • Sciatica – For those who are not aware what sciatica is, this is also known as nerve root pain. This usually happens when one of the nerves that are coming out of the spinal cord is being pressed on by something and this can cause pain. You can tell if this is the type of condition that you are feeling if the pain will be felt up to the feet.
  • Caudina Equina Syndrome – This is a type of condition that can cause lower back pain that does not happen often. This is also a nerve root problem but the nerves that are being pressed on are at the very bottom and this can cause some of the organs, usually the bladder and the anus to fail. Do remember that in case this condition is felt, this should be given medical attention immediately because the organs may become permanently damaged.

More Reasons for Feeling Lower Back Pain

Aside from the common reasons for lower back pain that are mentioned above, there are also other causes that might not be given that much attention but can still cause lower back pain. Some of these include the following:

  • Bone Disorders – There may be times when the bones are hurt and this may cause lower back pain. There are also other diseases that may cause bone disorders.
  • Tumors – There is a chance that a tumor will be found near the lower back if it hurts often. The tumor may be benign or cancer free or malignant which means that cancel cells are present. Usually, people can tell if a tumor is present based on the area where it hurts and how the area feels. A tumor can usually be felt underneath the skin.
  • Pressure from Structures near Spine – The spine has a lot of nerve endings so it is not surprising that the nerves may be pressured from different structures near the spine.
  • Arthritis – You may think that arthritis can only be felt on the feet and leg area but actually, arthritis can also be felt in the lower back. When pain is also being felt on the lower back, this can also cause lower back pain.

Giving Attention to Unclear Lower Back Pain

Unclear lower back pain has been mentioned above as the type of pain that people usually feel without knowing the real reasons why. Most of the time, people become shocked with the type of pain that they are feeling and they panic not knowing the real reason why. If you are not suffering from any of the possible reasons that are mentioned above, then you can only conclude that your back pain is because of unclear lower back pain.

Unclear lower back pain may be caused by the following:

  • Muscle Sprain – This usually happens when you overstretch your muscles. This may be caused by doing strenuous physical activities.
  • Problems in Structures of Tissues – While there are some studies that may be showing that this may be true, there is still a possibility that the structures of tissues are not in their usual form. While you may want to prove this to be true, do remember that this may just be a minor problem.

At this point, you may be wondering if your cause is unclear lower back pain, should you feel scared because you do not know the reason for the pain. What you have to remember is that if you are not sure what is the causes, you can at least be sure that it is nothing serious.

What to Expect with Unclear Lower Back Pain

Do you sometimes experience having to carry something heavy and experiencing severe back pain after? Do not worry because this is normal. When you have unclear lower back pain, your reasons for having it may be unknown but one thing is for sure – the pain that you may feel may be far from just a twinge. You may be feeling a whole lot of pain on your lower back and all you can think about is just how bad it is and how bad you are feeling.

Before you totally panic about this type of pain, what you have to remember is that they may hurt a lot but they are still pretty simple. You just have to brace yourself for the pain and expect that it will sometimes reoccur especially when you do the same activities that caused you to feel pain on your lower back. If the pain on your lower back pain does not go away, this can already be considered as chronic back pain.

Symptoms of Unclear Lower Back Pain

There is a possibility that you are not sure about the various symptoms that you can expect from lower back pain, here are just some of the symptoms that you have to watch out for:

  • Constant back pain that is not eased by resting.
  • Feeling of numbness that you can feel on your lower back.
  • Pain that can go from one area to another.
  • Pain that sometimes worsen over time.
  • Pain that goes away when certain activities are done.

Here are just some of the symptoms that people may look for with unclear lower back pain. Are you feeling any of the symptoms that are mentioned above? Do remember that even though unclear lower back pain is not usually serious, you may still have to undergo some tests in order to make sure that you are not going to be diagnosed with any serious conditions. After undergoing some tests and there is nothing wrong with you, what you can focus on is making sure that you keep a healthy lifestyle and you make sure that you are always active. Doing some physical activities is important for you to stay fit and healthy all the time.

Lower Back pain exercises

Lower Back pain exercises

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