27 Food You Can Buy Just Once and Grow Within Home

Do you pay special attention to the various food products you usually throw away? There is a chance that what you are throwing away may significantly affect what you can grow in the future. What if the vegetables and herbs you are throwing away as scraps are some of the things you can plant in your garden? You may never know; you might never have to purchase vegetables and herbs again.

At this point, you may be thinking that you can plant anything you desire, but certain plants would need particular types of planting before they can grow well. It will be wise to know the suitable vegetables and herbs to plant.

Do remember that if you decide to plant your leftovers, you will be helping the environment; you will be slashing the amount of money you will spend on your groceries for a long time.

regrow food from scraps
27 Food You Grow Within Your Home

27 Food You Can Buy Just Once and Grow Within Your Home


Let us focus on vegetables first. These are the vegetables that you can use:

  • Regrow Celery – Celery is a type of vegetable that can be regrown from the base of the vegetable. Since you usually do not use the celery when you use it for some of your dishes, remember not to throw away the base. Instead, what you are going to do is you are going to place it in a saucer full of water. You will then see that your celery will start to grow.
  • Regrow Leeks – If you want to regrow leeks, you can be sure that the process will not require much effort. Ensure that you will place all of your leeks with roots in a glass or jar with water, and you will start to see your leeks flourish.
  • Regrow Green Onions – You may need green onions for everything you need. You may want to grow green onions for the different food products you serve. Like Leeks, you can also grow green onions the same way. It would help if you placed the green onion with roots in a glass or jar with water, and it will already start to grow.
  • Regrow Onions – Since we already talked about green onions, let us speak about onions right now. The onion is one of those spices that would need to be placed on various dishes you may serve at home or whenever you have guests. You need to place an old water bottle with an onion base and roots near the window, and it will give you the onions you need whenever you need them.
  • Regrow Bok Choy – This vegetable can also regrow, like celery. Since Bok Choy can be used for various other things, you can be sure that you will be cost-cutting your monthly food bills.
  • Regrow Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes are always well known to be a favorite when it comes to the different things that need to be cooked. Since you use it often, you must see how you will regrow it. The first thing that you have to do is make sure that your sweet potatoes will sprout. You can place it in a big jar and wait for it to grow. You will have a wide array of sweet potatoes in no time.
  • Regrow Beans-Beans have a lot of nutrition. Diets, including beans, can reduce your heart disease and cancer risk. Beans are relatively easy to grow.
  • Regrow Broccoli-Broccoli has a robust and positive impact on your body’s detoxification system. Broccoli may help you solve the vitamin D deficiency epidemic.
  • Regrow Carrots-Carrots are easy to grow. You should plant seeds in cool weather and wait for 60 to 75 days until you can pull them out of the ground.
  • Regrow Chives-Place chives in your garden. You can cut back the chives to encourage new growth after the chives flower in early spring.
  • Regrow LettuceLettuce is easy to grow. You can sow lettuce seeds in the ground or a large container and get fresh salads in a few weeks
  • Regrow PeasPeas are very easy to grow. Because peas are a cool-season crop, you should plant them in the early spring or fall on a trellis.
  • Regrow PeppersPeppers require heat, sun, water, and nutritious soil to grow well.
  • Regrow Radishes-radishes grow quickly in cool spring temperatures and can be planted with slower-to-emerge crops.
  • Regrow Squash-Squash likes to spread out, and you should give Squash the space to grow.
  • Regrow TomatoesTomatoes need heat, full sun, water, and fertile soil to grow. You should Provide regular water and fertilize monthly.

Herbs and Spices

Now that you already know that there are some herbs and spices you can use every day, growing some herbs and spices can benefit you.

  • Regrow Garlic – Garlic is one of those herbs you can use for various other things. Remember that there is a perfect time to grow garlic, and that is during the autumn season. You have to get the garlic cloves, and you need to chill them first. You can then plant them on the soil but make sure they will not rot and grow instead.
  • Regrow Mint – Mint is one of those herbs used for food and can be used for various home remedies. Mint can be used in multiple ways, and you have to know how you will let it grow. You can cut the ends of mint plants by about 2 inches each. Ensure that you take out most of the leaves and place them in a shallow glass of water.
  • Regrow Lemon Balm – You would need to grow Lemon Balm quickly. You can place it on your window will on a glass with a little bit of water. You can let them grow well. Once they start growing, you can then replant them in your garden.
  • Regrow Rosemary – Since this is one aromatic herb that you may need, especially when making pot roast and other dishes, you can be sure that Rosemary can be grown by letting them develop the same way you are to increase the lemon balm.
  • Regrow Lemon Grass – Some people may get confused with lemongrass and lemon balm, but they are different. Lemongrass can be used for various drinks and as an excellent flavoring for certain food products. It would help if you placed the stalks of the lemongrass vertically on jars, and they will start growing.
  • Regrow Ginger – Since ginger is known to be one of the spices that can be used for various food products, you can be sure that this is one thing you have to grow so that you will have it forever. Make sure that you will cover the ginger root and water it consistently. In no time, you will have your very own ginger.
  • Regrow Basil – This herb is known to be very easy to grow. Remember that you need to have a long stem to place it on the glass full of water to let it grow bigger. Once the roots start developing, you can place them on the soil and let them grow.


Now that you already know what you have to do with vegetables and spices, you can also regrow some fruits, such as the following:

  • Regrow Pineapples – This is one fruit that many people generally like because of the way it tastes. Just imagine how great your garden will look if you place it in it.
  • Regrow Avocado – Aside from the avocado is a great fruit that you can use for various things; you may need to have a lot of them. Ensure that you will root the tip of the avocado and place three toothpicks on the pit of the avocado. You can then place it in water and wait for it to grow.
  • Regrow Lemon – Since lemon is just one of those things you often need, you can also make sure that you will start growing lemon. Remember to place the seed from the lemon you think will work best and wait for it to grow.
  • Regrow StrawberriesStrawberries can be grown as a groundcover or landscape ornamental, quickly grown in containers and hanging pots.

These are just some things you need to grow the items you need at home.