How to Get Rid of Back Acne With 12 Natural Remedies

Other than the face, acne or pimples may also occur on the midsection, neck, shoulders, upper arms, or back. The main cause of back acne is the excess sebum secretion by the oil glands connected to your hair follicles. There are some small pores on your skin that help in perspiration. Back acne usually forms when the pores are clogged with dead skin cells, dust, and extra sebum, leading to infection and swelling.

It does not matter if you clean up yourself daily. These pimples may appear because of the pollution in the environment, such as smog, dust, etc. On many occasions, you may do not realize that your hands are dirty and touch the skin, which will result in the appearance of back acne. If you have long hair, there is a high probability that acne may appear on your back.

Back Acne Treatment
Common Causes of Back Acne with Treatment

Common Causes of Back Acne

Before learning how to get rid of acne, you’d better know the common causes of back acne. This can help you choose the right treatment quickly. Some common causes of back acne include:

  • Hormonal fluctuations: Hormonal fluctuations have been proven to be a direct cause of back acne. People at puberty or during pregnancy or menstruation usually have rapid hormone levels, leading to acne. High levels of testosterone in men also cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum and cause back acne breakouts.
  • Exercise: Did you find that back acne usually appears after a long period of workouts? This is because the heat, pressure, or friction caused by exercise may cause the inflammation of the hair follicles. Moreover, exercise can cause a lot of sweating, especially in humid climates. If the sweat cannot leave the skin in time, it may clog the pores and cause back acne. This can also explain why athletes are particularly vulnerable to back acne.
  • Bad hygiene habits: Do you often take a bath after exercise? Do you often change clothes and sheets? If your answer is no, then you may easily get back acne. Poor hygiene habits can easily lead to bacterial invasion and skin infections, especially for the back, because the back is often overlooked.
  • Bad Clothes Choices: Tight sportswear or airtight clothing can easily cause sweat and oil to stick to the skin, especially in the summer. This can easily clog the skin pores and lead to back acne attacks.
  • Genetics: Many studies have found that acne is related to genetic factors. Those whose parents have acne are likely to face the same problem. Because genes determine your skin sensitivity, immunity, skin dry or oil, and these factors are related to back acne.
  • Stress: Studies have shown that stress can cause sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, leading to clogged pores. In addition, long-term stress or anxiety can also decrease immunity, lead to a back acne outbreak.
  • Poor Diet: Some processed foods such as potato chips and white bread contain preservatives and additives. These substances will trigger hormonal fluctuations that lead to acne. In addition, foods rich in carbohydrates can be easily broken down into sugars, leading to elevated blood sugar and insulin levels in the body. This will increase sebum secretion, resulting in clogged pores. Some dairy products such as milk contain hormones that can react with enzymes in the body and cause acne.

Common Types of Back Acne

There are 6 common types of back acne include:

  • Whiteheads: Whiteheads are also known as closed comedones. They are caused by clogged pores underneath the skin, causing pus to accumulate. These bumps are usually small, white and round on the skin’s surface. This is also a mild form of acne. They may appear anywhere on your body.
  • Blackheads: Blackheads, also known as open comedones, are caused by blocked pores on the skin’s surface. When the top of the blocked pores is exposed to air, the sebum will react with oxygen in the air. This will lead to small dark dots on the skin. This is mild and painless acne. They usually occur on the face, nose, back, neck, chest, and arms.
  • Papules: Papules occur when the blocked pores are infected. They will get bigger and grow deeper into the skin. You may notice small pink bumps with obvious borders on your skin. Sometimes, they may become clustered and have a rash. These bumps are usually tender and cannot be popped.
  • Pustules: Pustules are white or yellow papules filled with liquid pus. They’re usually tender, accompanied by inflammation. They are a form of moderate acne.
  • Nodules: A nodule is an abnormal tissue growth that usually forms in the neck, underarms, face, groin, or internal organs such as the thyroid gland, lungs, and lymph nodes. Nodules may develop deep in the skin surface and form a large, hard and painful nodule.
  • Cysts: Cysts form when the pustules become larger, pus-filled acne lesions. They are hard and very painful. Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne that can result in permanent scarring.

How to Get Rid of Back Acne with Natural Home Remedies

  1. Sea Salt Remedy

Sea salt is a great remedy that can be used to cure body acne or back acne. It can help prevent bacterial development. Sea salt can dry out the skin and remove the abundant oil in it, which results in the elimination of pimples.

Keep in mind that you should only use the salt from the sea; using table salt can further increase the inflammation because it has iodine.

Option 1: Bathing is the best treatment for back acne.

  • Prepare a bathtub filled with warm water and 2-3 cups of sea salt.
  • Note that the water is not too hot; otherwise, it will worsen your back acne.
  • Add the sea salt to the bath and stir it with your hand to make the sea salt dissolve completely.
  • Soak your body in the water for about 30 minutes, dry your skin and apply a moisturizer.
  • You can use this sea salt bath every day before going to bed.
  • If you have dry or sensitive skin, you can add some sea salt and water into a spray bottle, then spray the back twice a day until you get rid of the back acne.

Option 2: Have a Sea Salt steam shower.

  • Add sea salt to your steaming shower water.
  • Absorb this water for 20-30 minutes.
  • If your skin is slick, don’t matter whatever another thing in the wake of escaping from the shower tub. Simply pat dry.
  • If your skin tends to get drier, apply a light lotion yet not very vigorously.

Note: If the acne on your back is truly terrible and there are excess breakouts, repeat this method twice a day; generally, once is sufficient. If your skin responds to this cure, you will see the result within a week.

     2.Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is an all-in-one solution for skincare. It works for all skin types, such as oily skin, dry skin, and aging skin. It sheds your skin and opens the skin pores to clean the oil in it. Your skin revives when the oil and dead cells are removed from it. Along with clearing the back acne, oats shower also helps you eliminate the back acne scars.


  • Finely crush3 tablespoons of oatmeal.
  • Put the oats in a sock or muslin fabric and tie it. Blend the finely ground oats with the steaming shower water in your tub. Blend it well. If it is not sufficiently fine, the oats will settle in the base of the tub.
  • If you have tied your oats into a sock or material, simply put it into the tub inundated in the water. While dousing, continue crushing the material to let the juice of cereal blend with the water.
  • Soak for 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Repeat this process every day to get a delicate saturated, and skin inflammation-free body.

    3.Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) acts as an exfoliating scrub. Subsequently, it opens the pores and gets rid of the dirt and oil. Moreover, it controls the pH parity of the skin and has mellow mitigating and germicide properties. Each of these properties makes it a perfect home solution for eliminating pimples.


  • Apply a paste of three or four teaspoons of baking soda and a little water. Wash it off after a couple of minutes.
  • You can likewise mix baking soda, cinnamon powder, lemon juice, and honey.
  • Apply a baking soda mask on your back more than once a week to get a quick result.

Note: baking soda mask can be irritating to sensitive skin.

     4.Apple Cider Vinegar

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is the key ingredient. It helps in destroying the bacteria and also balances the PH of the skin.


  • Blend the apple cider vinegar and water.
  • Fill the mixture into the spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture consistently on your back acne before going to rest.
  • You can also apply it anytime. Wait for twenty minutes before washing it off.
  • Store ACV toner in your refrigerator for cooling impact on your acne.
  • You can also use a cotton ball to apply ACV on your back skin inflammation.

Note: You can apply Apple Cider Vinegar two or three times a week to get a quick result.

     5.Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is a great remedy to treat acne on the back because of its acidic properties. It strengthens the sebum and extracts unnecessary oil from the skin. You can use this remedy daily unless you have extra dry skin.


Cut a lemon and use its pieces to rub the affected area of the skin. Let it stay on your skin for a couple of hours. At last, wash it with water.

Note: You can use a mixture of lemon juice and rose water to wash the affected skin altogether.


Many people don’t go for an oat shower to get rid of pimples. But you can have another method of applying cereal on your bacne. Just mix the honey with oats and made a custom mask.

Cereal is ideal for removing extra oil and soil from your skin. Its nectar remains on your back skin for an unexpected time. During this time, it cures your back with antibacterial and calming properties. The antibacterial properties fight with the microbes. These microbes kill the redness and swelling caused by skin inflammation.


  • Cook the oats with water
  • Add two tbsp. Of honey to the cooked oatmeal.
  • Allow it to cool off.
  • After cooling, the mixture may get a bit dry.
  • If you feel so, you can apply some more honey.
  • Apply this veil to your back acne.
  • Leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash off your body with water

Note: Apply this mixture once a day.

     7.Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a vital thing with its natural properties. It works very effectively as a remedy for back acne. It also clarifies the infected skin same as any other chemical ingredient.


  • Include tea tree oil with water.
  • Use a cotton ball apply this mixture to your back skin inflammation breakouts.
  • Repeat it one to two times each day.
  • Additionally, apply it before going to bed.
  • You may store it, after preparation, in a container for later use.

Note: You must ensure that your skin is not damaged before applying this to your skin. Try to weaken the oil intensity with water in 5:95 proportion. It means that 6 sections of tea tree oil are supposed to be blended with 96 sections of water. For your understanding, 6 ml tea oil is supposed to be blended with 96 ml of water.


Peppermint leaves are enriched with salicylic acid and menthol. These are best for pain-relieving and mitigating operators. These not only relax your torment and swelling. But it can soothe your affected skin because of its characteristic of cooling down.


  • Crush the peppermint leaves with mortar and pestle.
  • You’ll get green smooth glue.
  • Rub this glue on your skin breaks out influenced back.
  • Leave for ten to twenty minutes.
  • Wash off with water.

Note: For a good result, you can repeat this process two to three times each day.

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Cinnamon is one of the most effective acne treatments. It is a nightmare for bacteria. When it is taken inside, it starts fighting with yeast diseases. It can be applied to the skin with a combination of nectar. This mixture will wipe out the microbes which hide behind your pimples.


  • Blend all the fixings
  • Apply the veil to the skin break out on your back
  • Leave for ten minutes
  • Wash off with tepid water

Note: Apply this mixture once a day.

   10.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the best remedy for every skin type problem. It can be used both internally and externally to recover your skin from different problems. Its consumptions usually accelerate the metabolism and strengthen the digestive system.

It can also be applied externally to soften your skin. It can also be used for serious antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. It’s also ideal for relieving redness caused by the acne on your back. It also stops the scars which appear due to acne.


  • Cut open a bit an aloe leaf
  • Take out the thick gel with your fingers
  • Apply this to your back skin break out for feeling the calming help in a split second
  • Repeat two to three times each day to recuperate your back acne flare-ups.

Note: If you cannot get a fresh leaf, you can buy immaculate Aloe Vera gel.

     11.White Willow Bark

White Willow Bark is a powerful remedy for getting rid of skin inflammation, including back acne. It contains salicin which is usually found in unlimited affordable acne creams. Salicylic corrosive removes the flaws, and in the end, you get bacne-free skin. Furthermore, it also shows aggressiveness to microbes. Resultantly, you will get rid of redness and irritation.


  • Keep the white willow bark in a pot
  • Pour hot water over it
  • Steep for ten minutes
  • In the wake of soaking, strain the fluid use a fine strainer.
  • Add hazel and essential oil of any flavor.
  • Blend well. You may store it in a container.
  • With the assistance of a cotton ball, apply the mixture to your back skin inflammation.

Note: Apply this two times each day.

     12.Lavender oil bath

Lavender oil is potent for skin care because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender oil also helps to reduce stress and calm the mind.

  • Mix 7 drops of lavender essential oil in the warm bath and soak in for 20 minutes.
  • Try this home remedy twice a week. It will give you the best results.

How to Cure Back Acne with Medicine

Vitamin A: Retinoids derivatives of vitamin A are very effective in the treatment of acne. Every night, applying it to the affected area can effectively eliminate the itching and redness caused by back acne. Make sure to avoid sunlight exposure when using this type of product, as this can cause your skin to be more sensitive to UV rays in the sun and can easily cause burns.

Antibiotics: Sometimes, topical medications are not effective because of the thick skin of the back. At this time, you can use oral antibiotics. Some oral antibiotics such as tetracycline or minocycline can effectively penetrate deeper into the skin to treat infections.

Medicated clean: This is a simple method. Using a cleansing lotion containing benzoyl peroxide to clean the affected skin can eliminate bacteria that cause acne. This can help get rid of skin infections effectively.

How to Hide the Back Acne

There are many makeup products and other corrective products to hide the pimples. It’s a common problem in young girls to have acne on the back.

The back is considered cleavage rather than a sensual part of the body. For hiding the buttons, covering creams and dermatological corrective makeup are the best options to be used.

We have experienced that many products have perfect quick action on our skin regarding the treatment and camouflage. Hence, it is preferable to apply these creams for cleaning and drying skin. For instance, you can initiate the process by applying a concealer to your skin. It will reduce redness. After that, apply a suitable foundation to your skin.

How to Prevent Back Acne

There are some home remedies to eliminate acne. But these remedies require changing some of your habitual routines to avoid the pimples from reappearing.

Use a neutral soap: White soap does not smell, and it’s best if you do not use smelling soaps on your skin.

Shower after a workout: After a workout, the sweat and oil trapped under tight clothing will clog pores and cause back acne. So you need to have a shower. Use a body wash with benzoyl peroxide(like Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser) or salicylic acid(like Murad Acne Body Wash) to reduce breakouts and kill bacteria. You can also use over-the-counter version beauty products that contain ten percent benzoyl peroxide to remove back acne fast.

Keep your hair up: Long hair can easily cause dirt and oil left on the back, especially for people who sweat easily. You can try to cut your hair or wear your hair in a bun to avoid this situation. In addition, you need to pay attention to the shampoos and conditioners you use. Sometimes they contain chemicals that can cause clogged pores and lead to back acne.

Exfoliate gently: Using a body scrub is another effective way to prevent back acne. This will help clear your clogged pores and remove the oil. Moreover, acne strains that cause acne lesions generally cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. You can exfoliate the skin with a loofah to remove the dead skin cells and accumulated grime. Avoid scrubbing too excessively, as this may irritate your inflamed skin.

Smart Clothes Choices: Clothes choices are important to avoid the acne generation process. In summers, try to wear light tops or clothes. Do not wear tight-fitting sportswear, as these clothes tend to cling sweat and oil to the skin. This will clog the back skin pores and cause back acne attacks.

Clean the sheets weekly: When you sleep on the sheets, your body oils and dead skin cells will rub off onto the sheets. If the sheets are not regularly changed, these Built-up oils and skin cells will generate many bacteria that will lead to back acne. You’d better clean the sheets, towels, bras, and pajamas weekly. This can effectively reduce the risk of back acne.

Wash your clothes often: After the workout, you should shower and change clothes as soon as possible. Otherwise, the dirt and wet clothes will counteract any cleaning done in the shower. Some detergents can irritate the skin and cause acne on the chest or back if you feel itchy after wearing a laundry detergent. You may realize that your back acne is related to the detergent you used. Then you need to change the detergent.

Balanced diet: A study has shown that foods high on the glycemic index such as rice, white bread, and white pasta can cause your blood sugar to rise fast and make your acne worse. You should eat more vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and fruits.

Clean with lemon: Lemon is the best natural thing for getting rid of acne. Make it your habit to apply one slice of lemon to the affected area at night. The caustic properties of the lemon are very effective for balancing the PH of the skin. Remember that this would be much effective at night because the sun can damage your skin at noon due to the acidity of the lemon. Also, if you are sensitive to the lemon smell, add few drops of tea tree oil to it.


It is strongly suggested that someone should consider the quality of the brand for acne-correcting makeup. One other thing to keep in mind is the cleanliness of your hand while applying these products to your face.

There is also a chance of hormonal disorder, which causes pimples on the back. However, it is the best way to apply any treatment after discussing the problem with a dermatologist.

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