9 Bad Habits You Must Break During Your Periods

There are a lot of things that can happen to women whenever they have their period. Expect that women are going to be unstable and a bit depressed with what is happening to their lives. There are even moments when nothing is happening yet they feel sad anyway. A lot of women just feel that they are weaker than usual so they are not excited to do anything.

There are different things that you can do in order to reduce the discomfort that you feel when you have your period. It is not going to be easy but if you are determined to break your bad habits so that you can have a more pain-free period, it is possible.

Why Having Menstruation is Uncomfortable

A lot of women are ashamed to talk about their periods. It is already enough that they are going to tell other women or their partners that they have their period but they are not going to elaborate and expound on it.

There are just a lot of gross things that surround menstruation and women just do not want to talk about them anymore. Some of the reasons why undergoing periods are uncomfortable are the following:

  • There are moments when there are sudden gushes of blood that will come out. It may happen at the most unexpected time. A woman may be talking to her colleague and suddenly, blood will gush out. It can distract any woman from what she is doing.
  • Leakage is also pretty common especially if women are not wearing the right pads or if they have placed the pads incorrectly. There are also times when the leakage is caused by the strong menstruation.
  • Blood on the toilet is already frustrating enough especially when the flush does not work but there are also moments when the menstrual blood is different from regular blood. They tend to become sticky and they drip on the toilet seat. It can be embarrassing and frustrating.
  • Wet farts are also pretty common when you have your period. Expect that you are going to experience that and feel uncomfortable too.
  • There are moments when the blood also becomes stuck to the pubic hair. It can be very disgusting.

There are still a lot of things that women deal with whenever they get their period but because of the things that are mentioned above, it is obvious why people still do not want to talk about it.

The Bad Habits You Should Break During Periods

The Bad Habits You Should Break During Periods

Do you think that you are doing some activities when you have your period that may be aggravating your condition? These are the things you should stop doing:

  1. Wearing the same napkin pad the whole day.

There are some women who cannot stand wearing the same napkin the whole day because their napkin is always full because the blood that gushes out of them are strong. There are some women who are guilty of not changing their pads though especially when they are already on their 3rd or 4th day and the blood is not as strong as it used to be.

Why you should break this habit?

  • You will prone to various vaginal infections.
  • You may produce a really bad odor. Some say that at worst, the odor smells like a dead rat. You do not want to smell like a dead rat down there, right? A lot of times women smell fishy and that is still not a comfortable way to smell.

Whether you are bleeding heavily or you are not bleeding as much anymore, change your pad every 3-5 hours.

  1. You should avoid having sex while having your period.

There are some men and women who do not mind that they are having sex when they have their periods because they think that the pleasure they get out of it is just the same but do you realize that you may be causing more harm to your body this way?

When you have sex while having your period, you are increasing your chances of getting an infection because your vagina is more vulnerable to these infections and diseases. If you do not want to end up with a fungal infection, avoid having sex. It is only for a few days anyway.

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  1. Skipping meals while having your period.

You may think that skipping meals will allow you to lose weight but time and time again, studies have shown that this is false. The more that you skip meals, the more that your body is going to preserve fat. There is a big possibility that you will find it hard to get rid of your fat cells because you do not eat enough.

There are different reasons why people skip meals:

  • They have literally forgotten because of the tasks that they have to do.
  • People do not have time to eat anymore.
  • An attempt to lose weight.

No matter what your reason is, you should avoid skipping meals when you are menstruating because you are already feeling a bit weaker due to the blood coming out of your body. You need more nutrients right now if you want to keep your energy.

  1. Not getting enough sleep.

There are a lot of people who normally do not get enough sleep every day because of the tasks that they have to do and the work that they have to finish but you should make an extra effort to take care of yourself when you have your period. Remember that your body is having a harder time recovering as compared to when you do not have your period.

Great sleep will allow you to feel more relaxed while you have your period. Remember that the lesser amount of sleep that you get, the more painful your menstruation is going to be. You should also get enough sleep to get rid of the strain that you have experienced the whole day.

  1. Avoid doing things that depress you.

Now is your time to stay away from things that depress you. It may not be easy to stay away from work especially if you have some deadlines coming up but do not inflict things that will depress you further because you are especially sensitive at this point.

You can avoid watching some depressing movies especially if the themes are those that you can relate to. It will only make you think of your current condition more and you would start to feel bad about it. The effect is also going to be the same when you listen to sad songs. Listen to sad songs except when you have your period.

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  1. Do not schedule activities that will make you more uncomfortable.

Do you know why a lot of dentists do not recommend that you get a tooth extraction or a root canal when you are having your period? It is because you are only going to add more pain to your body when it is already going through so much. Your body does not deserve this and why would you want to be uncomfortable anyway?

You should avoid the following activities when you are having your period:

  • Waxing on any part of the body.
  • Surgery
  • Massage

If you have never tried undergoing a massage while having your period, you will probably regret what is going to happen after the massage. You are going to be bruised all over because of course while having your period, you are prone to bruising.

  1. Do not eat dairy.

Now is not the right time to eat dairy products because dairy contains arachidonic acid which can cause the cramps to worsen. You do not want this to happen so avoid anything that has anything to do with dairy. You may not feel the pain immediately. The pain usually occurs a day after you have eaten the dairy products.

  1. Do not do hard exercises anymore while having your period.

It is okay to do certain exercises when you have your period in order to reduce the cramps that you are feeling but if in case you would like to do your usual hard exercises, you can skip it for another day or at least when your period of already done. Do not strain your body any further.

  1. Avoid cravings especially in the middle of the night.

There are moments when you have your period and you would like to eat all of your heart’s desire in the middle of the night. Avoid doing it especially if you are going to eat a lot of greasy food in the process. Your body will not be able to digest the greasy food that you eat.

At the same time, you may begin to feel that you are gaining weight whenever you have your period. It may be because of the food that you are eating.

You have to avoid these habits when you have your period otherwise you are going to be more uncomfortable than usual. Remember that your state of health should always be your main concern whether you have your period or not.

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