What is Body Acne Telling You? Different Locations Mean Different

Acne is a common skin condition for many people.It occurs when the hair follicles in your skin get clogged by oil,dead skin cells,dirt,bacteria and cosmetic products.Acne is usually experienced by teenagers but people still continue to get acne throughout their adult years.

When acne appears on various parts of your face or your body, the first thing that comes to mind is treatment. You want to know how you are going to treat it. Have you ever wondered what is possibly causing the acne to appear in various parts of your body?

Your acne may be telling you something about your health that you need to address soon.The location of your acne breakout is telling you what the possible cause is. It will help you know if there are some things you need to change with your current lifestyle or if you need to get yourself checked by the doctor at the soonest possible time.

You may be wondering how people were able to formulate the theories. The theories come from traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. You may have issues with the organs of your body that you do not notice yet but they are starting to show through the acne that has appeared on your skin.

Acne in the Different Zones and What They Mean

Are you curious to know the reasons why you suddenly form acne on various parts of your body? Get to know the different zones now.

Zone 1: Neck Acne

neck acne

The acne on your neck may be telling you that there is something wrong with your adrenal glands. You can have the state of your adrenal glands checked immediately so you can rule it out if the doctor sees nothing wrong with it. Another possible reason for developing acne in your neck area is stress. Wearing tight-fitting collars can also contribute to getting acne in the neck area.

It is important that you do not allow your hair to turn greasy because greasy hair can also cause acne to form in the neck area.

Zone 2 : Shoulder Acne

shoulder acne

A lot of people think that they get acne on their shoulders because of their hair especially if their hair continuously grazes the top portion of their shoulders but what if you cannot find another cause for the acne? Having shoulder acne may indicate that you are feeling stressed.

Take a look at your current workload and your current responsibilities. Are you taking more work now as compared to before? This can make your immune system more sensitive and vulnerable as it is weakened because of stress. If you want a simpler reason for having shoulder acne, consider the strap of your bag. Shoulder acne caused by bag straps may affect only one shoulder.

Zone 3: Chest Acne

Chest acne

If you would like to avoid getting acne in your chest area, you need to wear clothes that are comfortable and breathable. There are times when people get acne in the chest area because of the jewelry that they wear. If you do not bathe every day and you have no qualms about repeating clothes that you have not washed yet, your chest area will be more prone to getting acne.

If you consider yourself to be hygienic and you wear comfortable clothes, one possible reason why you are getting acne is your digestive system. You will realize this when you try to get your chest area treated but the acne does not improve. Your digestive troubles may be caused by the following:

  • Having a poor diet which means that you do not give your body enough vitamins and nutrients to work efficiently.
  • Another reason is having bad eating habits. You do not care if you eat a lot of fat and greasy food. You may not even add enough fruits and vegetables to your normal food intake. This can cause your digestive system to undergo certain issues.
  • Eating spicy food is another possible reason why you will be more prone to getting chest acne. You can lower the spiciness of your food a bit and see if it helps.
  • Drinking beverages that are too cold. Your digestive system would need to adjust to the temperature of the beverages that you eat. Cold beverages may be too much for your digestive system especially if you do it on a regular basis.

You can reinvent your meal plans to have more sustainable eating habits.

Zone 4 : Arms Acne

arm acne

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes have acne on your arms? This is not very common but it can happen if you lack the vitamins that your body needs. The acne may not look like the typical acne. Rather, they would look like small dry bumps that will feel coarse when you touch them.

Lack of vitamins may result in poor circulation which will make dead skin cells accumulate more in the area. In order to get rid of this skin condition, you can take supplements that will allow you to get the required amount every day. At the same time, you can exfoliate your arms properly by using a loofah or a skin exfoliator. Do not forget to moisturize after in order to keep your skin soft and supple.

If you have tried different topical remedies and the bumps on your arms are still there, you can consult with a doctor to give you a better idea on how you can utilize the number of vitamins that you get through your food intake every day.

Zone 5: Stomach Acne

Stomach acne

You should know by now that your stomach is not too prone to getting acne because the stomach area does not have a lot of oil glands. When you start getting acne there, this signifies that you have high blood sugar.

You can make some changes to the food that you eat and try to avoid food products that will cause your blood sugar to spike up. If your blood sugar is normal but you are getting stomach acne this can be caused by wearing ill-fitting clothes. Tight fitting clothes will always cause discomfort to the skin.

Zone 6: Crotch or Pelvis Acne

This type of acne can be very uncomfortable especially since you have to cover these areas with clothes almost all the time. One of the most common reasons is shaving. You may get some pimples because of the ingrown hair.

Your hygiene will also play a huge role on how often you will get pimples on this area. Do you change your clothes often? If you always wear dirty clothes, expect that you will be more prone to getting acne in this area. You should also wash the area often so that it will look and feel fresh.

Take note that the appearance of pimples or genital warts on the area may signify that you have STD. You will know if it is related to STD if the pimples do not go away within 3-4 days and if they start to have pus and ooze.

Zone 7 and 8: Thighs and Upper Legs Acne

Upper Legs acne

When you get acne on your thighs and upper legs, this may signify that you are allergic to something that you are using on your skin. It may be the body wash that you have just started using or it may be the fabric softener that you have used to wash your sheets.

If you start getting some pimples on your lower legs, this might be because you have shaved your legs or because you have waxed recently. You can always prevent this from happening by using mild and hypo-allergenic products. You should not forget to take good care of your skin too by placing moisturizer after you have washed the area.

Zone 9 : Lower and Upper Back Acne

Back Acne Treatment

It is common for people to get back acne because of various reasons. It may be because of the clothes that you wear or because of your hair but having pimples on your back area may also signify that there is something wrong with your nervous system and your digestive system.

You can try to wear athletic gear that will not cause your skin to become irritated. You can also change the normal products that you are using to see if it would make any difference. If you have done everything and you still have not seen any change, this means that you need to take better care of your health. Try to get more sleep and eat better. It may lessen the amount of acne that you can find in your back area.

Zone 10 : Buttocks Acne

Buttocks acne

One of the most common reasons why you have acne on your buttocks is the use of dirty underwear or wearing underwear and other clothes that are too tight. If you cannot find a reason why you are getting acne on your buttocks, this means that you currently have a poor diet and you are unable to digest your food properly.

You need to start evaluating your dietary habits now if you want to get rid of the acne on your buttocks but remember that there are still other possible reasons why you may get acne there. Your hygiene will always make a huge difference.

The next time that you get a breakout on any part of your body, you can look at the information mentioned above and see the possible reasons. You are always recommended to go to the doctor in order to rule out possible health conditions. Take better care of your body so that you can achieve the smooth skin you have always wanted.

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