Is Corn a Vegetable?Corn Benefits and Bad Effects

There are always a lot of people who argue about corn. It seems that a lot of people are confused as to what corn is. Some are wondering if corn is actually a vegetable and if it is, what type of vegetable is it. Some people are saying that corn is actually a grain.  Of course, some would say that corn is actually a fruit and the various arguments will go on and on.

Is Corn Truly A Vegetable?

There may be a lot of people who are saying that corn is truly a vegetable and some people are so sure about it that they consider corn to be their favorite ‘vegetable’ whenever they are asked about it. If you would check out the characteristics of corn however, you will find out that it is considered to be more of grain rather than a fruit.

Do you want to know why corn is considered to be a grain? It is because of its components. The way that it reproduces can be quite different from before. First and foremost, you need to remember that it uses its reproductive system in order to reproduce. Knowing this, it can be considered to be a fruit but then, since corn is considered to be dry as compared to other fruits, it is classified as a grain.

Of course, if you do not believe this type of explanation and you would still like to further believe that corn is a vegetable then it would be up to you. It will be hard to believe in something for a long time only to realize later that your belief about something is a bit different. What matters now is that you will learn more about it and this time, you will only learn facts.

Is Corn a Vegetable

Some Facts about the Corn

  • Corn is also known as Maize in other English speaking countries. Corn was first available in Central America. It was also first harvested there and in Southern Mexico. From the very first time that people have learned how to cook it and eat it, people have gotten hooked with it.
  • There are different types of corn that are available. Most people prefer eating the sweet corn and you can distinguish it because of its yellowish color. Although other varieties of sweet corn may be a bit whitish and sticky. There are also some people who prefer the baby corn more although this can only be eaten when it is already canned. Baby corn may be sweet or salty depending on how it is packed and what your preference is.
  • There are some scientists who have become so interested in corn that they have created a super sweet corn variety. They create this type of corn with a little bit of sugar so that it will be sweeter when eaten.
  • You have to remember that for every cup of corn that you eat, you are consuming about 175 calories. This may have a bit more calories than your typical vegetable but if you love the taste of corn and you are not consuming too much, this is still better than the other junk food that you may be thinking of eating for a snack.
  • Corn may be best consumed right after you purchase it although if you would like to preserve its sweetness, you need to make sure that you are going to refrigerate it first before you can cook it.
  • There are different ways in which you can cook corn. A lot of people prefer boiling it on water but there are also some who would choose to microwave it or grill it. There are different spices that can also be added to corn but the most common flavor is salt and butter. If you want something that is different, you may choose to rub the corn with lemon. You may also add cayenne pepper and other herbs to make it taste different. You may be surprised with the flavors that you will come up with.

Benefits of Corn

Some Benefits of Corn

You have to remember that consuming corn can come with some benefits. Are you curious to know what the benefits are going to be? Here are some of the nutrients that you can expect to get from eating corn:

  • Fiber – The need for fiber is already well known because, without fiber, it will be harder for the body to stabilize the blood sugar levels of the system. If you are trying to lose weight, eating corn can be beneficial for you as it contains fiber. This means that you will feel fuller longer and you will not have the urge to eat anything that you are not supposed to consume.
  • Potassium – This is another nutrient that may be found in other food products but if you are going to consume corn, you know that this is something that you will get as well. Potassium is known to improve the function of the heart. At the same time, potassium can make your bones stronger.
  • Vitamin A – You are probably aware that Vitamin A is one of the vitamins needed by the body but you may be surprised that you can find this vitamin in corn. You have to remember that by consuming Vitamin A, you will be strengthening your nerves. This can lead you to have a healthier body overall. The amount of Vitamin A that you need every day may vary depending on your gender. You may need more Vitamin A when you are a man as compared to when you are a woman.

Bad Effects of Corn

Some of the Bad Effects of Corn

Although corn is known to be good for health overall, consuming too much of it can also be bad for you. You ought to know the negative effects of corn so that you can limit the amount that you take in.

  • Contains Too Much Starch – The fact that this contains too much starch can make it unhealthy as compared to the other food products that you can take. If you would compare it to other fruits and vegetables, it may not be as healthy as you think.
  • High in Carbohydrates – It is known that people would need to consume carbohydrates in order to feel energized throughout the day but too many carbohydrates can be bad as they can turn to sugar and eventually will make people feel bloated and fat. Consuming too much corn means that you will also be consuming too many carbohydrates and this is, of course, something that you should avoid.
  • Not Good for Diabetics – For people who are suffering from diabetes whether type 1 or type 2, corn may be one of the food products that should be avoided because it contains sugar that will not be beneficial for someone suffering from diabetes overall.

For those who love corn but would like to eat it without the unwanted fats, one of the most recommended corn-based products is the popcorn. Do remember that the popcorn can only be eaten as a snack if you would not add any butter or other unhealthy fats. Adding some sodium may not be too beneficial as well. Corn may not be a vegetable but it can still be nice to eat and enjoy.