8 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Epsom Salt in Your Home

You might be reading this right now because you are curious with why Epsom salt is something that you need inside your home. If you already have it at home, that is good because that means that at some point in time, you have used it. If you do not have it yet, you have to get to know the various uses of Epsom salt. You might be surprised with the details you will find.

Aside from the fact that magnesium sulfate or Epsom salt is a good source of magnesium which is one of the minerals that the body needs, Epsom salt can be used around the home. Would you like to know the various uses of Epsom salt? Here are just some that you ought to know.

Benefits and Use of Epsom Salt around the Home

Use of Epsom Salt

Want to make sure that Epsom salt can be very useful at home? Here are some of the things that you can use it for:

  1. Get Rid of Slugs

If you have a garden, it is possible that you have already seen some garden slugs lurking around your garden. Some of them may have gotten lost and have acquired space near your patio and sometimes even inside your home. Make sure that you will control this with the use of Epsom salt.

  • Sprinkle Epsom Salt around the area where the slugs are usually found.
  • You may also choose to sprinkle Epsom salt on the slugs.
  • This will guarantee that you will have a lesser amount of slugs at home in no time.
  1. Prepare the Soil

It is quite obvious that Epsom salt can do a lot for gardening. The soil can be prepped with the use of Epsom salt in order to increase the levels of magnesium that can be found on the soil.

  • Add a few bags of Epsom salt on the soil before starting to plant.
  • Wait a few moments.
  • Place the plants that will be planted.
  • This will guarantee that the plants that will grow are healthier than usual.
  1. Clean Pots and Pans

Have you ever experienced having to clean those really dirty dishes that your dishwasher cannot clean anymore? You do not need to worry because the use of Epsom salt can make sure that your dishes will be clean and residue free.

  • Before scrubbing your pots and pans with the use of the usual scrub and dishwashing liquid, rub a small amount of Epsom salt on the pots and pans.
  • This will help remove the residue better that will lead to having cleaner dishes.
  1. Clean Tiles

One of your main problems at home may be trying to remove the stains that are left in between your tiles. You may think that this is something that you can do easily with the use of a brush and cleanser but a bit of Epsom salt may make cleaning better.

  • Before scrubbing the floor, sprinkle a small amount of Epsom salt on the tiles.
  • Use the brush to spread the Epsom salt in between the tiles to help remove leftover stains.
  • Have whiter and cleaner tiles after the use of Epsom Salt.
  1. Take Away Build Up of Detergent

If you have your own washing machine at home, you may realize that in the long run, the detergent and other products that you use may be stuck at your machine. You can be sure that you will be able to remove it with the use of Epsom salt.

  • Place hot water on your washing machine.
  • Mix Epsom salt with Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Cycle the two together for a few minutes on the washing machine.
  • Stop the cycle and let the mixture stay on the machine for about an hour.

Uses of Epsom Salt for Health and Beauty

Epsom Salt for Health

At this point, you may also be wondering if there are some things that Epsom salt can do for your body. There are a lot of things that you might not be expecting but having knowledge about this will let you know about the many uses of Epsom salt.

  1. For Relaxation

There are times when you may be too busy about the different things that you are doing that you barely have time to relax. Remember that relaxing is essential so that you will have the strength to continue on with doing your work again. If you are unable to relax, you will only feel burned out.

  • Measure a cup of Epsom salt.
  • Place the Epsom salt on your bath water. It will work best if your bath water is warm.
  • Soak on your bath water for about 20 minutes.
  • You will realize that you just feel refreshed after.
  1. Use to Exfoliate Skin

One of the reasons why skin is not as smooth and as clear as other people might be because you are not able to remove your dead skin cells. You have to remember that skin cells die and new cells can replace them if you would remove your dead skin cells immediately.

  • Get a handful of Epsom salt.
  • Rub and massage the Epsom salt on damp skin.
  • Leave the Epsom salt on the face for about 5 – 10 minutes.
  • This process can also be used on parts of the body that are not usually scrubbed like the hands and the feet.
  1. Have Healthier Feet

It seems that there are some people who are having trouble with their feet. Are you having some troubles with your feet too? You may have feet that are usually tired because of having to walk or stand all day but if you have other foot problems, the use of Epsom salt can be your solution too.

  • Add a cup of Epsom salt to warm water preferably on a basin so that it will be easy for you to soak your feet.
  • Soak your feet for as long as you want. This can take away all the pain that you are feeling because of walking around the whole day.
  • If you have athlete’s foot and other fungal infections, this will also help clean the fungi that can result to having healthier feet.
  • Do this as often as necessary.

Aside from the things that are mentioned above, there are still many uses to Epsom salt. For instance, do you even realize that you can use Epsom salt in order to help your hair have more volume? This can be very helpful for you if you have dry and limp hair. Aside from this, you can also make use of Epsom salt if you would like your bruises to heal faster. Bruises can be hard to get rid of especially when you have some health conditions. The use of Epsom salt can help you heal your bruises faster and easier.

Now that you know the different uses of Epsom salt, do you think that you would like it around your home more often? Whether you are into gardening or you just want to have clear and beautiful skin, Epsom salt can be your natural solution.

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