How to Get Rid of Gas Pain in Chest

How to get rid of the gas pain in chest? Do you sometimes realize that the main reason why you are having some chest pains is that the gas accumulated in your stomach? Experiencing chest pain can be scary for a lot of people because they usually associate chest pain with different congenital heart problems but you have to remember that if you have too much gas, the gas can also affect your chest area.

How Does This Happen?

When you eat too much and your digestive system is having trouble digesting all the food or if you have just eaten food that can cause too much gas, the gas may go out from your abdomen going up to your chest area. You will know if you are suffering from chest pain due to gas if you are also having other digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

How to Get Rid of Gas Pain in Chest

Causes of Excessive Gas

Knowing the causes of gas pain will allow you to get rid of the gases at the soonest possible time:

  • Intake of Too Much Fiber

Including fiber in your diet is good because this can help you feel full. This can also remove your craving for food that has too much sugar or sodium but when you take in too much fiber, you can also have problems with digestion. When the abdomen produces too much gas, this can go up to the chest area and cause chest pain.

  • Food Allergies and Food Intolerance

Are you allergic to some food products? If you are then you know that you should try your best to avoid these food products. Your body will have trouble trying to get rid of the food so you need to know the ways on how you can digest your food properly. Depending on how severe your allergies are, you may experience other symptoms together with the chest pain brought about by gas.

  • Eating Habits

Take note of the way you eat. Do you eat fast? Do you chew your food properly? When you eat too fast, the body will find it harder to digest your food. At the same time, you will have a tendency to eat more because you will not feel full immediately. When you do not chew your food properly, you increase the chances of the food getting stuck in your colon together with the other toxins that your body has not been able to release just yet.

  • Carbonated Drinks

Let us take the limelight away from the food right now and focus on the things that you can drink. Do you find yourself searching for carbonated drinks all the time? It may be because you are addicted to carbonated drinks already. When you consume too much of carbonated drinks, you will make yourself more gassy than usual. Of course, the gas can travel up to your chest and can cause severe chest pain.

  • Other Illnesses

There might be something wrong with your body. You may be suffering from IBS although you are not aware of it. If you know that you have not eaten anything that can stir up gas or can cause you to have too much gas, you may want to have a checkup immediately so that your problems with too much gas can be solved.

Some Symptoms to Watch Out For

You may think that you are suffering from problems with your heart but if you also experience the symptoms that will be mentioned below, it is more likely that you are suffering from too much gas. Some symptoms are the following:

  • Abdominal Pain – This is probably the most common symptom that you will feel together with your chest pain.
  • Frequent Passing of Gas – You may find the need to belch or to even pass out gas after eating.
  • The tightness of the Abdomen – Check your abdominal area. Does it feel hard to touch? If you know that it feels and looks different, this can signify that you have too much gas in your system at present time.
  • Lack of Appetite – Due to the other symptoms and discomfort that you are feeling, you may not be ecstatic about eating any more at least until you are able to get rid of the gas that is causing your abdominal and chest pains.
  • Feeling Bloated – Do you suddenly feel like you have gained a pack of pounds after you have eaten? This may be brought about by the food that you have eaten.

How to Get Rid of Gas Pain in Chest Naturally

Gas Pain in Chest

In order to remove the pain that you are feeling, you have to get rid of the gas that is causing the pain first. No need to wonder anymore how you are going to do that because you can easily remove the gases by doing the following:

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is known to be one of the natural remedies that you can use when you are suffering from stomach problems wherein stomach gas is one of the possible reasons. At the same time, this is also known to help relax people who are unable to rest and sleep. The various home remedies that it can help you with should not be overlooked.

  • Prepare a cup of hot water.
  • Place the peppermint tea bag or if you have some peppermint leaves, strain for about 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Remove the tea bags and the leaves before drinking.
  • You do not need to add anymore flavoring to your tea anymore as it has its own unique flavor.


You do know that yogurt is full of live probiotics or good bacteria that can effectively get rid of the bad bacteria stuck in your gut. It is even recommended that if you are suffering from stomach pains and gas pains in your chest, including yogurt in your diet may be a good idea.

  • Eat yogurt every day.
  • It is best to stick with plain yogurt if you are not sure if you can tolerate flavored ones.
  • Some are even recommended to drink yogurt before each meal but this will depend on you and your preference.

Lemon Juice

If you need something that can help break down gas at the soonest possible time, lemon may be your best option. Lemon has citric acid which can be effective in getting rid of the gas that is causing problems with your abdomen and chest area. It can also effectively break down carbohydrates that can cause your body to pack extra pounds.

  • You have the option to mix lemon juice with water as it can be too sour.
  • If you need to flavor it a bit to make it more pleasing, you can add honey instead of sugar.
  • Mix it properly.


If in case you are not aware of the various home remedies that can help get rid of the gas that is causing you to have chest pains, you can always rely on antacids. The antacid can provide instant relief to the pain that you are feeling.

  • Take antacid 30 minutes after you have eaten to be sure that you will not suffer from any type of gas.
  • You may want to bring an antacid with you every time you leave your home if you are prone to acquiring gas.
  • Choose the best brand of antacid that will give you what you are searching for.

How to Get Rid of the Excess Gas

If in case you want to get instant relief, you may want to find an area that is not too crowded, you may even go to the restroom if possible so that you can get rid of the gas that has been plaguing your system. You can be sure that you will get rapid relief because of this.

  • It is not advisable that you release the gas in a public place as this can be embarrassing for you and uncomfortable for the people around you.

How to Prevent Getting Gas

If you do not want to suffer from gassy pains in your chest area anymore that has caused you to become more paranoid than usual, you need to know how you can prevent the intake of gas. How will you be able to do this? If you would practice the things that will be mentioned below, you do not have to worry about gas often anymore:

  • Eat Slowly – Your body has trouble digesting all the food that you have eaten if you have eaten too much but it can be even harder if you consumed all of those foods in a nick of time. Do yourself and your digestive system a favor by eating slowly.
  • Exercise – When you exercise, your body has the energy to burn more of the food that you eat. Try to do this daily because it will make a huge difference in your life.
  • Heating Pad – If you feel that you are about to get pains because of the gas, you can get your heating pad ready so that you can place it on the areas that hurt. At the same time, the heat will allow the muscles to relax so that excess gases can be released fast.

With all of these details in mind, you know that getting rid of the gas pain in your chest will be easier to do now.

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