What Causes Green Diarrhea in Babies

What causes green diarrhea in babies?Some mothers become immediately concerned the moment that they see that the stools of their babies are color green. A lot of mothers think that the color green is associated with being weak and unhealthy. This explains why they immediately panic and call for their doctor’s help. Having green poop signifying poor health is a myth for there are other stool colors that mothers should be more concerned about.

For babies who are breastfed, having green stools from time to time is already common. Some babies develop green stools because of food allergies. Usually, this is more common when families have a history of having allergic reactions to various food products especially nuts and dairy. One of the times when green poop in babies become a  problem when babies continuously release green tools without releasing normal colored stools.

The usual cause of green stools is fast transit time from feeding to pooping. If it were not released sooner, the stools would turn brown. Babies usually digest food very easily which explains why the usual poop color for babies is yellow. If it would not be digested as fast as it should, that is the only time when it would turn green. It is a wonder how parents are usually concerned about green colored stools when they are not that concerned about yellow colored poop as this is considered to be normal.

It is important to remember that the stools of babies may come in a wide range of color and types. Some of these stools may look alarming in the beginning, but actually, they are just normal. If in case you have noticed that your baby is consistently releasing green stools, then you have to consult the pediatrician about this.

What Causes Green Diarrhea in Babies

What Is Considered to Be Normal Stools?

The type of stools that are considered to be normal is usually color yellow. This is because of the fat content found in breast milk. It is expected that during the first month and a half from your baby’s birth, your baby will be pooping about 3-4 times a day. There are times when your baby will poop much more because of the amount of milk being received from you. As long as your baby is well fed, you know that you do not have anything to worry about.

For the first few days after the pregnancy, usually up to the first week, you may expect the poop to be dark in color, but after the first week, the poop should turn to yellow. To know if your baby is healthy, you should check if your baby is gaining weight. Most babies would gain weight every day. This is a good sign of growth for your baby.

Reasons for Green Diarrhea in Babies

For consistent green stools, here are some of the possible causes:

  • Sensitivity to Your Diet – Have you changed your diet recently? Perhaps you have eaten more vegetables than usual, or you may be taking in cow’s milk. This may affect the diet of your child.
  • Change to Solid Food – If you have started feeding your baby solid food products, this may change the color of the poop because this is something new to the body.
  • Imbalance of Milk – If the baby is not receiving the milk that you are producing because of latching problems with your breast, then this might cause green poop as well. There are also instances when the issues may be caused by having too much milk.
  • Illness – some babies automatically have green poop because of their current illness. The disease may be as simple as having a cold or as severe as having a virus. If the green stools of your baby are brought about by having an illness, you may contact your pediatrician immediately.
  • Medications – You might be taking some drugs that are meant to strengthen you, but you may be transmitting that to your baby.

Other Signs that something is wrong with Your Baby

You have to remember that to know if something is wrong with your child, you ought to look for the following symptoms:

  • No appetite
  • High Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Weight Loss

If any of the following symptoms mentioned above are experienced together with diarrhea, then contact your pediatrician immediately so that your baby will be quickly diagnosed.

Having green colored stools usually do not indicate anything serious. If in case the green stools are caused by the milk that you are producing or the fact that the baby is not latching on to your breast correctly to get the milk that your baby deserves, you are recommended to contact a breastfeeding counselor that can provide you with the details that you need.

If in case your baby is releasing green stools but are not loose then this may be brought about by too much iron floating on your baby’s system. The iron may come from the supplements or medications that you are currently taking that you are passing on to your baby. If the poop of your baby is like this, you may have to switch to another brand that will be more beneficial for your baby.

One thing to be remembered about all this is that the poop of your baby can change from day to day and even from one poop to another. The green poop of your baby today will be in a different color tomorrow, so you just have to be aware and get to know the subtle changes so that you will immediately know if there is something wrong.

If you have also stopped with feeding your baby from your breast, there might be some small changes that will happen with your baby’s poop. This is only normal so make sure that you will know what to expect.

The main reason why green poop seems to be highly alarming for a lot of mothers is that of its color, but there are more worrisome poop colors that parents should focus on more. You will know that you need to contact your doctor immediately if your baby’s poop is color white, black or red.

Green Diarrhea in Babies

Know the reasons why these are more severe poop colors now


Your first reaction when you hear about white poop is that you never knew that this was possible but the truth is that white poop can occur in babies if they currently have some liver or gallbladder problems. The main reason why the poop is white is that the there is not enough bile to go around. If in case your baby releases white poop, you should contact your doctor immediately.


While there are times when black poop is perfectly normal like when your baby is still newborn, there are times when black may signify that something is wrong with your baby. This may be a sign of blood that may be brought about by a severe infection or internal bleeding. There may be some issues with your baby’s digestive system that should be addressed at the soonest possible time.

If your baby’s poop only has some flecks of black, this might indicate that the blood is coming from you. If your nipples are cracked and always bleeding, your baby may be getting blood along with the milk that you are producing. Your doctor will give be in charge of testing the poop to figure out whose blood is in the stools. Your baby may also have to be tested for digestive issues and problems.


There may be times when the red colored poop may signify some issues with the milk that you are producing. They may be showing some signs of milk allergy. If this is the case, you should consult your doctor immediately to know what immediate steps should be done. There will be times when the poop may be in hard forms, and the red may signify blood. You can have your baby checked if there are some lacerations with the anus that may be causing the blood to form.

You have to remember that no matter what your baby is going through, the poop may take a few weeks before they go back to normal. For example, if your baby has an intestinal infection, you cannot expect the infection to go away suddenly. It would take a few weeks before your baby returns to normal again.

Final Word on Green Diarrhea in Babies

You have to remember that your green stools should not be your primary issue. You should pay attention to the color of your baby’s poop, but green is not the most severe color available. Try to get the cause of the green poop and disregard some of the myths that have been said about green poop. As long as your baby is healthy and is growing every day, then you have nothing to worry about.

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