18 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Head Lice at Home

Lice infestations are a typical issue for school-age kids, who spread them to each other in the classroom. Lice are irritating and upsetting; however, you can be freed of them for good after one week or two with perseverance. Body lice and canine lice are also conceivable to handle on the off chance that you realize what remedies to utilize. Home remedies can dispose of lice. Here are a mixed bag of home cures, over-the-counter, and solution medications used to treat lice.

What are Lice
Home remedies for Head Lice

What Are Lice?

Lice are little, wingless parasitic bugs that live in human hair or body. They are especially normal among preschool and grade school-age kids, individuals from their families, and caretakers.

It is assessed that 6-12 million infestations happen in the US every year among kids 3-11 years old. Although an exceptionally regular issue, head lice are infectious, irritating, and sometimes very difficult to get rid of.

Facts You Should Know about Lice

  • Lice are little bugs that live on the scalp, typically on kids aged 10 and under.
  • Lice have six legs, each with a bent paw that can firmly get a handle on hair.
  • They can move effortlessly between hairs; however, they can’t fly or hop.
  • Human blood is the nourishment of choice for lice, with one drawing a little drop every mealtime.
  • Pets and different creatures don’t assume a part in the spread of head lice.
  • On the off chance that lice tumble off a man, they rapidly starve inside of a couple of hours.
  • A grown-up female louse will lay six eggs every day.
  • Head lice live for three to four weeks.

18 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Head Lice at Home

Almost all home cures depend on some system to choke out the lice. Utilizing a compelling home cure is most likely desirable over putting chemicals on the head. Here are some useful natural treatments that function admirably if you take after the guidelines.

Note that a few specialists trust that the combing does a large portion of the work. The “stifling” medicines paralyze the lice and make them slower and easy to get on the brush.

  1. Oil and Comb

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

Coat your hair with almond or olive oil. Mayonnaise and Vaseline are not prescribed—they are messy. They are tough to wash out. A few individuals propose covering the brush rather than the hair. You may need to attempt both routines to see which works best for you.


  • Separate the hair into little segments, utilizing a hairpin to move them off the beaten path. Work under a decent light so you can see what you are doing. Flush out the brush regularly under running high temp water as you go.
  • At the scalp, pull the brush from the roots to the end of an area of hair.
  • Wash the brush around in a dish of warm, cleanser water. This will kill the lice and their eggs; they bite the dust rapidly without a source of nourishment.
  • Keep brushing every section of your hair until all the hair has been brushed.
  • Clean the brush by placing it in a dish of boiling water after each utilization. Lice and their eggs kick the bucket when presented to 128 °F or 53 °C for 5 minutes or more.

Note: Comb your hair two to three times a day and before you go to bed. You will notice a good result within a week.

  1. Hot Oil Treatment

Utilize and oil treatment to get rid of lice quickly. Whether you utilized a pediculicide or not, there are common substances that help to repel and kill lice. If you are delicate to chemicals, it’s unquestionably worth attempting this oil treatment to get rid of lice naturally.


Melt a half cup of coconut oil or warm 1/2 cup of neem oil and back rub it into the hair and scalp. Both oils have anti-microbial properties.

Note: Utilize a nit comb to work through the oil-treated hair. The nits ought to turn out more effortlessly.

  1. Pyrethrum

The ingredients in Rid and similar items like A-200 and Pronto originate from chrysanthemum blossoms that harbor natural bug sprays called pyrethrins. Pyrethrins assault the sensory systems of live lice; however, they do not generally work because some lice have ended up impervious to the poison.


Apply item to dry hair, hold up 10 minutes, add water to frame a foam, and flush. Look over for nits. A second application is prescribed 7 to 10 days after killing any live bugs that remain.

Note: If you experience any allergic reaction, immediately stop using this item.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse
Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Try apple cider vinegar treatment. This is another shabby, viable approach to loosen the lice.


Blend 1/2 glass water and 1/2 container apple juice vinegar, and pour it over the individual’s hair and scalp. Utilize the nit brush on the hair; you will discover them simpler to uproot.

Note: You have to apply this home remedy twice a day.

  1. Olive Oil or Almond Oil

Either almond or olive oil makes a home solution for lice as they will both cover or choke out the lice, backing them off, so they are less demanding to evacuate with a brush.


Some individuals have better experience covering the hair, while others like to coat the brush. In any case, coat with the oils first, and you ought to particular hair into a few littler areas, keeping them separate with clasps. Work in a territory with great lighting so you can see unmistakably and make sure to, much of the time, flush the brush with running high temp water.

Note: In the wake of searching through the hair, cleanser and flush twice, then completely clean the towel and brush. Do this consistently for a week.

  1. Apply Essential Oils

A few essential oils have also demonstrated to assist kill lice with brushing, yet dependably check for sensitivities first. The compelling ones incorporate cinnamon leaf oil, peppermint oil, nutmeg oil, red thyme oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, neem oil, and lavender oil. Mayoclinic suggests aniseed oil, Nerolidol, ylang oil, and tea tree oil.


Add somewhere around 15 and 20 drops of essential oil to two ounces of olive oil and let it sit on the scalp for at least 12 hours or even overnight. Brush everything out. Shampoo twice.

Note: You can likewise blend the same measure of essential oil with three ounces of rubbing alcohol. Apply it to your hair. Wash your hair after 12 hours.

  1. Lime Juice

Lime juice can help you to get rid of lice.

For this home solution for lice, make glue by granulating eight to ten garlic cloves and blending it with a few teaspoons of lime juice.


  • Altogether apply this blend on the scalp and let it be for 60 minutes before completely washing hair with warm water.
  • Another choice is to make an alternate thick paste with green tea and lime juice. For this situation, you would likewise coat the hair before letting the paste sit for a half-hour. At that point, wash the hair with a mild shampoo.

Note: You have to maintain this home cure weekly for maybe a couple of months.

  1. White Vinegar

White Vinegar

White vinegar is one more of the home solutions for lice that works by choking out these pests.


  • For this remedy, put coconut oil or olive oil on the hair, brushing out the hair gradually so lice will tumble from the head.
  • Use warm water and shampoo to wash the hair. Before you go to bed, apply white vinegar to your hair, then utilize a towel or shower top to cover the head, leaving this in overnight.
  • When you wake up, utilize your shampoo to wash your hair as typical before utilizing some conditioner.

Note: Do not use unsafe items to treat lice. This implies that combustible items, like fuel or lamp oil, shouldn’t be utilized.

  1. Garlic

The solid aroma of garlic can choke out lice, eventually killing them.


  • Grind eight to 10 garlic cloves into a paste
  • Blend in a few teaspoons of white vinegar.
  • Apply the blend completely onto the scalp.
  • Leave it on for 60 minutes, and afterward, flush the hair completely with warm water.
  • You can also make a thick paste by mixing garlic juice, green tea, and lemon juice. Coat the hair completely with this paste and cover your scalp with a towel or shower top for around thirty minutes.

Note: Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Repeat this cure weekly for 1 month.

  1. Baby Oil

This is another simple treatment for head lice, and you will need baby oil and some white vinegar. It is trusted that baby oil helps choke out the head lice.


  • Apply some oil on your hair, and afterward brush your hair gradually with the goal that lice begin tumbling from your head.
  • At that point, wash your hair with shampoo and water.
  • Before bed, put some white vinegar on your hair and spread your head with a shower top or towel.
  • In the morning, wash your hair with a normal cleanser, and after that, apply some conditioner.

Note: Repeat this procedure for no less than three to four days to get positive results.

  1. Salt

Salt can likewise be utilized to destroy head lice—Blend 1/3 cup of salt and 1/3 cup of white vinegar altogether. Tenderly spray the arrangement onto your hair so it turns out to be marginally wet. Put on a shower top and leave it for around two hours. After that, wash and condition your hair. Repeat this at regular intervals to get positive results.

Neem oil is one kind of common bug spray, and it can securely and adequately dispose of lice. Essentially purchase a cleanser that incorporates neem oil or include a few teaspoons of neem oil to your shampoo and start using this shampoo. Use it for 2 months.

  1. Petroleum Jelly

It can have a smothering impact on meandering lice. Apply a thick layer of petroleum to the scalp before going to bed. Spray your head firmly with a shower top or towel. Abandon it on overnight. In the morning, use olive oil to evacuate the petroleum. Brush your hair completely to evacuate the lice. Apply this every night before going to bed.

  1. Tree Tea Oil

Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth
Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

It is a natural bug spray, making it a compelling treatment for head lice. Combine one teaspoon of tea tree oil, one ounce of normal cleanser, and three tablespoons of coconut or olive oil.

Apply the arrangement delicately all through your hair and spread your head with a shower top or towel. Leave your head secured for 60 minutes and afterward flush completely with high temp water. At last, sift through your hair while it is still wet to uproot the dead lice. Do not apply it directly to the scalp.

  1. Sesame Seed Oil

High in antibacterial, antifungal, and regular bug spray properties, sesame seed oil can likewise be utilized to take care of the issue of head lice. Combine 1/4 cup sesame seed oil, 1/4 cup neem oil, 1tsp tea tree oil, 1/2 tsp of eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils, and around 10 drops of lavender essential oil.

Wash your hair with apple juice vinegar and permit it to dry. Apply the oil, leave it on overnight. In the morning, brush your hair completely to uproot the dead lice. At that point, shampoo regularly. Repeat this treatment daily for a week.

  1. Mayonnaise

It contains a considerable measure of oil, which has thickness properties that will suffocate live head lice. Apply full-fat mayonnaise generously over your scalp. Spread your hair with a shower top or towel and leave it on for around eight hours or overnight. Wash your hair, and after that, brush any remaining lice out of your hair.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice
How to Get Rid of Head Lice
  1. Treat Body Lice

Body lice live in the creases of dress and feast upon human blood. They are bigger than head lice and simple to spot on the body. They are generally found in regions where individuals live around other people or don’t have admittance to showering and washing offices. Body lice are anything but difficult to dispose of once access to these offices is gained. To treat body lice, do the accompanying:


  • Lice can carry on a month in garments. Rather than attempting to spare them, toss them out.
  • Use soap and take regular showers.
  • Wash up and utilize a cleanser.
  • Consistently wash bedding, clothes, and different materials.
  • Your specialist may recommend a cream that helps to kill lice, containing permethrin or even benzyl liquor to help with itching.
  1. Treat Pubic Lice

It is also known as crabs, is most generally spread through sexual contact. Pubic lice can likewise live in regions of the body with coarse hair, similar to the eyebrows, ears, and armpits. The lice and their nits are effectively obvious. There are a couple of ways you can dispose of open lice:

Get a cream containing 1% permethrin or a mousse containing pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide. These chemicals adequately slaughter the lice. Use as per the guidelines on the bundle.


  • Uproot the lice with a nit brush.
  • Wash your garments and clothing in exceptionally high temp water.
  • Soak brushes and different things in high temp water for 5 minutes.
  • Shave the pubic district. Disposing of the hair, the lice stick successful, particularly in the mix with the compound treatment.
  • Monitor the area for indications of new lice. It might be important to undergo a second treatment.
  1. Canine Lice Treatment

Canine lice can’t be transmitted to people, yet they can make your puppy exceptionally uncomfortable. There are two sorts of lice. One is known as Trichodectes canis, also known as a biting mite, and another is called Linognathus setosus, also known as a sucking louse.


  • Take your puppy to the veterinarian. It is vital to verify that what your puppy has is really lice.
  • Utilize a powder or other treatment at the exhortation of your veterinarian.
  • Wash the puppy’s bedding and all that he has touched in extremely boiling point water.
  • Absorb grooming tools in boiling water for 5 minutes.

Bottom Line: You should be patient and constantly utilize these home remedies to remove lice permanently.

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