Lip Twitching Causes and Treatments You Should Know

Lip twitching can be annoying because you cannot control them even if you try. A lot of the causes of lip twitching are not serious but it can be very embarrassing especially when it happens during important situations. You may be trying to impress someone but suddenly, your lip cannot stop twitching. What are you supposed to do then?

Lip twitching is not only the main cause of embarrassment for a lot of people, but it can also be irritating. There are times when the person cannot control what he should say because his lip keeps on twitching. The twitch may affect different sides of the lip. This is more common than you think but the moment that it is treated, then your lip will go back to normal.

Causes of Lip Twitching

The Many Causes of Lip Twitching

There are various reasons why your lip is twitching in the first place. Sometimes, the lip twitching is a symptom of another condition.

Let us first look at the more common causes of lip twitching:

1. Fatigue

Do you feel extremely tired? When you feel fatigued, this can affect how the muscles and nerves in your body interact with each other. The weird interactions may cause the lip to twitch. Twitching of the lip and sometimes other parts of the face will be felt more when you feel overly tired. At the same time, the area affected by the twitching may become a bit inflamed.

2. Stress

This is another known reason for lip twitching. When you are stressed out, the various muscles of your face tighten. This can cause the twitch to occur on your upper and lower lips. Remember that stress does not only cause lip twitching, it also causes various health conditions to appear. If you want to become healthier, you have to avoid getting stressed out. If you would like to reduce the twitching of your lip, lower your stress and anxiety levels. It will make a lot of difference.

3.Alcohol Withdrawal

Have you always been fond of drinking alcohol? Perhaps there was a time when you constantly had to take it and now that you are trying your best to stay away from it, your body is reacting by making your lip twitch. This condition is called enhanced physiological tremor. Remember that it is not only your lip that can twitch because of alcohol withdrawal. Some other muscles may become affected.

4. Potassium Deficiency

You have always heard people say that there are different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs in order to work properly. Potassium is just one of those needed things. This mineral can help the heart function well. Your blood can also be healthier with the use of potassium. Without too much potassium in your bloodstream, you may suffer from spasms and muscle twitches. You may also be more prone to getting cramps.

5. Hemifacial Spasm

This is a type of spasm that happens on your face that you will find hard to control. You may feel the spasms around your eyelid and your lip. This type of twitching can affect one side of your face at a time. This means that if your left eyelid is affected, then your left lip may also become affected.

6. Taking Some Medications

Some medications can cause involuntary spasms and muscle twitches. If you are taking some antipsychotic drugs, you can expect that there will be movements that you cannot control. You can stop the twitching when you stop taking the medications. If this is the case, you can inform your doctor about it so that a new medication will be prescribed instead.

More Serious Causes of Lip Twitching

We have already discussed some of the common reasons why your lip keeps twitching involuntarily. These common causes sometimes resolve on their own. There are some serious conditions that you have to be familiar with that can cause lip twitching too.

1. Bell’s Palsy

This is a condition caused by a viral infection that has affected the nerve of your face. A lot of times, one side of the face will droop and it cannot be moved. The moment that you see that one side of your face is not moving that well, you need to go to the doctor immediately to diagnose if you have the condition or if you have just suffered from a mild stroke. Therapy is needed so that you can take control of your face again.

2.Tourette’s Syndrome

This is a condition wherein the person cannot control the tics and twitches in various parts of the body. It can definitely affect the face. Some people develop the symptoms for this condition when they are about 5 – 10 years old. It may progress as the person grows older and it may also affect people’s speech.

3. Hypoparathyroidism

This is the condition wherein the body is unable to produce the normal level of the parathyroid. This is the hormone responsible for balancing the amount of phosphorus and calcium in the body. When you do not have enough of this hormone, you may suffer from the uncontrollable twitching of some of your facial muscles. Remember that this condition may be caused by another bigger problem so it is best to have yourself checked by the doctor immediately.

4. Parkinson’s Disease

There are a lot of people who have associated this disease as something that normally affects the hand. Aside from the hand, it can also affect the facial muscles. The reason for this is there is not enough dopamine being supplied by the brain. It can have an effect on the overall muscle function of the body.

5. Multiple Sclerosis

This is a type of condition that is hard to diagnose especially in its early stages mainly because there are not a lot of symptoms available. The symptoms that a person experiences may also be similar to other common symptoms of other less serious diseases. You need to be aware of some other symptoms that you might experience aside from lip twitching such as the following:

    • Memory Loss
    • Having trouble with balance and movement
    • Speech Problems
    • Vision Issues

6. DiGeorge Syndrome

This is a chromosomal disorder wherein the loss of chromosome causes some issues. The muscle twitching does not only affect the lip area, but it may also affect the arms, throats, and hands. People need to undergo tests in order to determine if this is the main cause.

7. Essential Tremor

This is a nerve disorder that is hereditary. This condition is characterized by movements that cannot be controlled. This may usually start with stress and if feelings of stress are not removed for an extended period of time, this is when the condition may emerge. Taking rest and reducing anxiety can help prevent this condition.

Natural Treatments for Lip Twitching

1.Reduce your intake of stimulants

There are different stimulants that you may take every day. Every time you drink coffee that has a high caffeine intake, you are placing stimulants in your body. You do not have to get rid of all stimulants but you can reduce it a bit. You may notice that a few days after the reduction of stimulants, your lips do not twitch as much as before.

2. Try to get rid of stress

It will be hard to get rid of stress completely because we encounter it every day. You may feel stressed at home because of personal reasons but you can always reduce the stressful situations that you go through. You can learn how to cope with stress better. Here are just a few examples:

  • You can take more ginger as ginger is known to reduce feelings of stress.
  • Drink chamomile tea.
  • Try to find a hobby that you can do even for just a short while.
  • Do not be afraid to take breaks. This will allow your brain to recharge so you will feel more excited about completing your task.
  • Take vacations. You can then experience the fruits of your labor this way.
  • Do meditation.
  • Take yoga classes so that you will feel more connected to your soul.

3. Try to have a healthier lifestyle

Take a look at the lifestyle that you have right now. Would you consider it to be healthy? Make sure that you have a well-balanced diet so that you can reduce the possibility of lip twitching. These are some of the things that you can do to have a healthier lifestyle:

  • Make sure that you get enough sleep every night. Do you know that the average adult only gets about 3 – 4 hours of sleep every night? You always need more. Try to aim for 6 hours or more so that you can give your body an ample amount of time to recover.
  • Get enough vitamins and minerals. You can get these through the food that you eat but if in case you cannot get all that you need from food alone, there are supplements that you can take too.
  • Try to find time to exercise. This will allow your body to stretch and build muscles that will make you stronger.

4.Limit your alcohol intake

How often do you take alcohol? There are some people who take it occasionally while there are some who need to take it every day. You do not have to be dependent on alcohol.

You are in complete control of your life so limit your alcohol intake. It will make a big difference. Remember that during the first few days of not taking alcohol, you may experience more tremors and twitching because your body is trying to cope with withdrawal but it will soon pass.

5.Apply a warm cloth on the lip once it starts to twitch

The heat will reduce the tension of the muscles and this can stop the twitch after some time.

Getting Therapy for Lip Twitching

For people who are suffering from more serious causes of lip twitching or have tried to do the natural treatments to get rid of lip twitching but did not work, you may opt for therapy.

The therapy will be effective in reducing spasms and tics. The therapist will teach you how to manage the jerking movements that you might make involuntarily.

Aside from your lips and other facial muscles, your other muscle groups may be affected too and getting therapy will be effective in getting rid of that.

When Should You See A Doctor

It is evident that a lot of the causes of lip twitching are generally harmless. The lip twitching may go away on its own or natural treatments can be done in order to stop the twitching and even the tics. Remember that if you are more prone to getting stressed or you normally experience fatigue because of your work or the things that you do, you will get lip twitches more.

You should see a doctor when lip twitching does not go away and you have experienced it for a long period of time. Other signs you need to see your doctor are the following:

  • A side of your face droops
  • Pain depending on where the twitch is centered on
  • Some vision issues
  • You have had a history of neurological problems
  • The twitch has become more persistent or more violent

If you just want to be sure about what has caused your lip twitch, schedule an appointment with your doctor soon. It will make a lot of difference.