How to Get Rid of Pimple on Eyelid Naturally

A pimple on the eyelid can be an unwelcome and unsightly surprise. Not only can it be difficult to see and difficult to reach, but it can also be painful and cause soreness. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of a pimple on the eyelid.

From natural remedies to over-the-counter medications, these methods can help you quickly and safely reduce the size and redness of a pimple on the eyelid. With careful and consistent use, you can soon have a clear and healthy eyelid once again.

Get Rid of Pimple on Eyelid
How to Get Rid of Pimple on Eyelid

Common Causes of Eyelid Pimples or Styes

A stye or eyelid bump usually occurs when bacteria enter your oil glands, causing the glands to become blocked and infected. Unlike other types of acne on the skin, styes usually do not grow many in numbers at the same time.

Sometimes, eyelid bump may disappear on its own after a few days. But if the oil glands in your eyelids are completely blocked, a stye may become a large chalazion. Non-draining styes may become chalazia. This condition may affect your vision.

There are two types of styes: internal stye and external stye. Both are caused by a bacterium known as staphylococcus on the skin. This bacterium can multiply very quickly and trigger infections.

An external stye usually appears on the root of an eyelash (the follicle). This type of stye can also be caused by staphylococcal infection of the Moll and Zeiss glands.

When the stye swells and begins to become infected or clog other glands around the eyelid, it causes pain and discomfort. And you may notice a nodule, a small pimple resembling a reddish abscess that fills with pus. Usually,the pus can flow on its own.

A stye that forms under the eyelid is painful and may not be manifested by an external nodule. This type of stye usually occurs at the level of the upper eyelid, near the eyelashes, but they can also develop on the lower eyelid.

An internal stye is a more serious form of staphylococcal infection. It usually appears at the Meibomian gland located under the middle part of the eyelid.

It is more painful than the outer type as it is hung in the middle part of the eyelid. This type of stye usually requires medical attention.

The common causes of eyelid bumps include:

Blepharitis: This is a condition of the inflammation of the eyelash follicles. Blepharitis will increase the risk of having styes.

Papillomas: These Pink bumps are usually harmless, but they can grow large and affect your vision.

Cysts: These are small sacs filled with fluid, which may also affect your vision.

Xanthelasma: These raised yellow patches are usually harmless, as they are the natural result of fat below the surface of the skin. However, sometimes they are a sign of diabetes or high cholesterol.

Symptoms of Eyelid Pimples

  • Red or skin-colored swollen bump along the edge of the eyelid.
  • A gritty or scratchy sensation in the eye and even cause trouble seeing.
  • Watery eyes and a lot of discharge in your eye.
  • Eyes hurt and sensitivity to light.
  • Eyelid bump grows very big and becomes tender.
  • Blisters on your eyelid with painful sensation and even bleeds.

If the stye persists for a long time or your eyelid is scaly or crusty, which is a sign of infection. You should see your doctor to prevent serious medical conditions.

How to Get Rid of Pimple on Eyelid Naturally

  1. Warm Compress

You have to know that a warm compress can be highly effective in making the pimple on your eyelid subside. At the same time, if there is any pain that is connected with your stye or any discomfort, warm water can help get rid of those symptoms.

  • Choose a clean cloth.
  • Dip the clean cloth in warm water.
  • Place the cloth dipped in warm water on the affected area of the eye for about 10 minutes.
  • Rest for a bit before dipping the cloth once again on warm water before placing it on the eye again.
  • This needs to be done several times a day.
  1. Removal of Eyelash

There are times when one of the main reasons why you have a stye is because of an infected eyelash. If you would remove the eyelash that is causing the infection, then you will also make the infection go away.

  • Make sure that your eye is clean before you remove the eyelash that is causing your stye.
  • You may need to boil the tweezer that you are going to use to ensure that it will be clean. Remember that if it is dirty, this might worsen your current condition.
  • Look in a mirror while you are removing the eyelash.
  • Carefully remove the eyelash from your eye.
  1. Avoid Squeezing the Stye

One of the most significant mistakes that you can make when you are trying to treat a stye is popping it. Remember that popping pimples are also discouraged so why should you pop your stye? When you pop the stye, the infected pus may spread in various areas of your eye and even your face. You do not want to end up with a lot of styes, right? The best option is to let the stye drain though you may have to wait a bit.

  1. Avoid Putting on Makeup

If you need to feel confident because you are meeting with a client or a potential business partner but can’t because of your stye, remember that your confidence should also stem from your knowledge and your skills to do work.

You may put makeup on other portions of your face especially if it would make you feel good but when it comes to the stye that has developed on your eye, it is best to leave it alone. Remember that you should also switch to using glasses if you are a contact lens user as there is a tendency for the bacteria to spread on your eye.

  1. Teabag

A teabag is not merely used to create tea. They can be used for a wide variety of reasons depending on the type of tea that you are using. If in case you have the option to pick the right tea that can help get rid of the stye at the soonest possible time, use green tea. This can reduce the swelling of the stye considerably.

  • Brew the tea bag like you usually do.
  • After brewing for some time, place the warm tea bags on the eyes.
  • Let the eyes relax because of the warmth of the teabag.
  • Keep on the eyes for about 10 minutes.
  1. Clean the Stye

Do you know that one of the main reasons why stye infections become worse is because the stye is not cleaned correctly? If your stye is caused by your lack of cleanliness, then you should change your habit now.

  • You need to clean your hands properly to reduce the chances that you will be letting the stye spread from one place to another.
  • You may use a cotton bud to clean the stye properly.
  • Remember that if you would not clean the stye properly, you are increasing your chances of the stye spreading.
  1. Aloe Vera

You need to remember that Aloe Vera is highly effective in getting rid of the inflammation of your stye. This can be effective if you do not want to be seen immediately. Some styes are not that obvious in the beginning.

  • Take an Aloe Vera leaf and cut it in half.
  • Get the gel from the middle portion of the leaf.
  • Apply the gel and even the pulp to the affected area.
  • You may want to mix Aloe Vera with chamomile tea if you want it to become more efficient.
  1. Baby Shampoo

Since being exposed to a strong shampoo or other hair and skin products can cause stye, you may opt to use something that is so mild that it will not hurt your eyes. No need to worry because baby shampoo can still cleanse your hair properly. It is best to search for a no more tears variety so that you can enjoy bathing without being uncomfortable.

  • Choose the right baby shampoo that you are going to use.
  • Mix with water.
  • Wipe the eyes.
  • This can be done every day. If it becomes too harsh, you may do it every other day.
  1. Get Rid of Old Makeup

A lot of women usually become attached to their makeup especially if they have purchased the makeup for a large amount of money before but remember that all makeup has their own shelf life especially if they are already being used. You can get rid of your old makeup and toss them out. This way, you will be reducing clutter around your room.

  1. Apply Makeup Properly

Since makeup is one of the main reasons why you may have your stye right now, you can help reduce the possibility of having a stye by being careful about applying makeup on various parts of your face.

When you use the wrong products, this may cause you to have an s stye, so the best thing to do is to make sure that your room is cleaned and locked. Aside from the application of makeup, another thing that you have to remember is to limit the amount of makeup that you are going to put. The more makeup, the more expensive it can be.

When To See A Doctor

This is one aspect that a lot of people are interested to know more about. It seems that there is not enough information available online regarding whether people should see their doctor at the soonest possible time or when they can cure the condition on their own. When the stye does not go away even if it has been weeks since it first appeared, you may contact your doctor immediately.

If in case the pain of the stye becomes too much to bear, do not forget that there are a lot of medications that you can take that will help you get the relief that you are searching for. Most pills come with instructions on how you should take them. If you are unsure, contact your doctor. Your doctor will be more than willing to help you diagnose your condition soon.

Depending on the cause of your stye, the doctor may ask you a few questions about what you think has caused the infection. Your doctor will inform you whether the guess that you made is correct or not.

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