How to Treat a Pulled Muscle in Shoulder at Home

There are different things that we do every day that are already part of our routine so we do not actually notice if these activities can cause some issues with our bodies or if these things are actually healthy for us.

Perhaps you are used to doing exercises at the gym that when you felt some pain on your shoulder the next day, you did not think that it was out of the ordinary until such time when you realize that the pain is taking a long time to go away. This article shows you how to treat a pulled muscle in the shoulder at home.

When you begin to feel shoulder pain, this may be brought about by a pulled muscle in the shoulder area or it may also be caused by a tear in the ligaments. It may also be caused by a damage to the muscles or the tendons. When the muscle is pulled, this may damage some of the small blood vessels located in the shoulder area. There may also be some bleeding involved and bruise.

How To Treat A Pulled Muscle In Shoulder Fast

Possible Reasons for Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder is made out of a lot of ligaments, tendons, and muscles so there are different conditions that you may develop when you are suffering from shoulder pain. Here are some of the possible conditions that you may have:

  1. Labrum Tear

You would know if you have this type of problem if you would find yourself unable to rotate your arm properly. You may feel that your shoulders are a bit unstable and you cannot do anything that you usually do.

  1. AC Joint Separation

This is the type of condition that you would feel if it is your joints that have some issues. If you feel pain when you are trying to raise your arms upwards or if you are having trouble sleeping because of the pain, this may be the main culprit.

  1. Frozen Shoulder

This is a condition also known as adhesive capsulitis. This is one condition that may gradually occur although you do not realize it until such time when your shoulder is already frozen and you cannot move it at all. You will know if you have this condition if your shoulders feel tight and if you are usually in pain.

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Symptoms of Having Pulled Shoulder Muscles

If in case you are still suspecting if you have pulled your shoulder muscles, there are some symptoms that you have to search for in order to be sure about what you will get. Some of the symptoms may include the following:

  • Pain even when you are resting. Even if you are not doing anything, your shoulder/s still hurt.
  • The weakness of the muscles. If you know that you can lift some things before but you are unable to do this now, this can be a sign that you have pulled your shoulder muscles.
  • Inability to use the muscle at all. If the pulled muscle is more serious than you have initially thought, you may be unable to do anything at all because you are unable to move the muscle.
  • You can also look for some swelling near the area where the muscles hurt. You may also see some bruises and redness brought about by the injury.

You are recommended to have yourself diagnosed by your doctor if you begin to feel the symptoms that are mentioned above. This way you can be sure about your condition. Once you have been diagnosed by your doctor, you can already start doing some home remedies that will help cure your condition.

There are some people who would like to self-diagnose and while this is possible, you are recommended to still go to your doctor to be sure. What if you would assume that you are suffering from a certain disease only to realize that you have other problems?

How to Get Rid of A Pulled Muscle In Shoulder at Home

  1. Ice Pack For Pulled Muscle In Shoulder

Ice Pack For Pulled Muscle In Shoulder

You do know that in order to stop the bleeding or the swelling of the blood vessels and the pulled muscle, you need to use an ice pack that you can apply on the shoulder area that hurts for about 10 minutes.

  • You can prepare your very own ice pack by placing some ice on a clean cloth before applying on the skin. As the ice begins to melt, you know that you have to stop applying it on the skin for a while.
  • If you have a real ice pack then apply it on your skin but remember never to place it against your skin without using any form of protective covering unless you want your skin to become frostbitten.
  • You would need to do this several times a day. Once again, never leave on the skin for more than 10 minutes.
  1. Rest

There is a reason why you have pulled your muscle in the first place. Try to think about the real reason why you have pulled your muscle and avoid doing that same action unless you want to worsen your condition which is not something that you should do.

  • If you can take time off from work or from doing different activities that involve the use of your shoulders, then do so.
  • You may want to decrease the activities that you are going to do for a few days or so.
  • Try to keep yourself comfortable even when your shoulder area is hurting. There are times when you are unable to fall asleep because of the pain. Your doctor may recommend some medications for that.
  1. Protect the Muscle From Further Injury

At this point, you already know what has caused your muscles to become pulled or injured. Knowing what has caused it will make you want to avoid that same activity. You do not want to prolong the length of time that you have to rest because of your pulled muscle so make sure that you will not do anything that can strain it further.

  1. Add Compression to Shoulder

Add Compression to Shoulder

You can apply compression on the affected part of your shoulder so you will begin to let it heal on its own. It may be a bit painful in the beginning especially when you are putting the compression on the affected area of your shoulders but it will start to feel better after some time.

  • Make sure that you will remove all constrictive clothing from the shoulder area.
  • Make use of an elastic bandage that you can wrap around the shoulder area.
  • Remember to not put the bandage too tightly because you may end up hurting yourself more.
  • Elevate the injured area so that the swelling can do down a bit. This may be hard to do for your shoulders but you will be able to make it work.
  1. Drink Medications

When it comes to the proper medication that you are going to take in order to help you heal the pulled muscle, you have to take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This will help you move around more but remember that even if you are moving around, you have to stop yourself from doing the same activities that caused you to have pulled muscles in the first place.

  • You may not be recommended by your doctor to take anti-inflammatory drugs if you have kidney disease or any other condition that may affect your health.
  • Remember that there are also some medications that you can take that will only get rid of the pain temporarily but will not stop the inflammation of your pulled muscle.
  • Follow the recommended guidelines when it comes to drinking medications. Some people abuse drugs and this is not something that you should do because you might not only worsen your condition but also lower your immunity against diseases.
  1. Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Do you realize that taking in vitamin C can be very effective in reducing the pain brought about by having pulled muscles? You can take Vitamin C once every day. Not only will this help get rid of the pain, this can also improve your skin and hair’s overall condition.

  1. Physical Therapy

If you find yourself unable to move your shoulders properly even if you have already done the things that are mentioned above, you have to search for a physical therapist. The physical therapist will be in charge of formulating some activities that you can do to bring back the strength of your shoulders again. You can expect that you will do some stretches, habits and other effective methods that will help you use your shoulders normally again.

When searching for the right physical therapist, you have to look for someone who is highly recommended by your doctor. If you want to search on your own, look for online listings and read the reviews.

Always consult your doctor first if you are going to take some supplements for your shoulder pain. You do not need a lot of things in order to treat your pulled muscle but remember that prevention is always better than cure. Make sure that your shoulders are always healthy before you do some strenuous activities so that you can avoid hurting your shoulders in the process.

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