6 Signs You’re Having Vitamin Deficiency

If you have never been concerned about your health before, you should realize that making some effort now. There is a big chance that you are not getting all the vitamins that you need throughout the day. Without the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your body, you will not be able to function.

Even if you eat well, this does not guarantee that you will have all the vitamins that you need. Some of the possible factors that can contribute to having vitamin deficiency are the following:

  • Age – As you grow older, your body will have a harder time absorbing vitamins.
  • Digestive Issues – If you are truly having a hard time digesting various food, then there is also a bigger chance that you will not get the vitamins that you need.
  • Other Medical Conditions – Some medical conditions will stop you from absorbing as many vitamins as you need.

You have to remember when you are vitamin deficient is that you would not feel it. You will only know if you are seriously deficient if you have not taken enough vitamins for a long period of time. Sometimes, you may be too busy with what you are doing that you do not see symptoms even if they are somewhat obvious.

There are some deficiencies that you will see immediately because they can become evident on your skin. For example, do you know that acne can be caused by a vitamin deficiency? You may also have some blisters and brown skin spots and these are caused by the lack of vitamins that you are taking in.

Signs You’re Having Vitamin Deficiency

Important Vitamins You Need

There are a lot of vitamins that you need but you have to get to know some of the essential ones that will change your health tremendously.

  1. Vitamin D – You have to remember that this is a vitamin that you need whether you are young or old. If you are deficient in Vitamin D, this will increase your chances of having some medical conditions. You may need it more as you get older, however.
  2. Vitamin B12 – You know that you can increase your brain function when you have enough Vitamin B12 in your system. You can get it from some supplements and other food products.
  3. Vitamin A – If you are concerned about your eyes, and you should be, this is the vitamin that you need to keep your eyes healthy. At the same time, this can also increase the way that your skin looks like.
  4. Vitamin C – Do you want to strengthen your blood vessels? Perhaps you want to make your skin healthier than usual. You can do this by consuming enough Vitamin C. There are also some topical creams that contain Vitamin C.
  5. Vitamin E – Do you know that free radicals can cause various health conditions? If you want to stay healthy, you can do this by consuming just the right amount of Vitamin E. You can also improve the circulation of your blood this way.
  6. Iron – Do you know that iron is in charge of giving you red blood cells? If you do not have enough iron in your system, you might feel a bit nauseous because not enough oxygen is being transported to and from various parts of your body.

Aside from the vitamins that are mentioned above, there are still a lot more than you need. For example, you need calcium to keep your bones and your teeth strong. You also need potassium so that you can lower your blood pressure and maintain it the best way that you can.

Now that you already know the different vitamins that you need, what do you think are the signs that you have to watch out for so you will know if you are nutrient deficient or not?

6 Signs You’re Having Vitamin Deficiency

  1. Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss

When you are losing hair, this may be a sign that you have a serious health condition. It may also mean that you just lack Vitamin B7 which is in charge of making your hair and nails stronger. Of course, this can also help in metabolizing your fats.

  • If you would like to consume the right amount of Vitamin B7, the best source is eggs.
  • You may want to consume your eggs raw if they are of high quality. If not, you can still cook them in a way that you would like to.
  • You can also get enough vitamins from consuming avocados, nuts, and bananas.

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  1. Numbness in Some Parts of Your Body

When some parts of your body feel numb, this may be caused by not standing up or changing position for a long period of time. If you are moving around and you feel that some parts of your body have become numb, then this is a sign of B- Vitamin Deficiency. This means that your peripheral nerves are already becoming affected by the lack of B-Vitamins that you are consuming every day.

  • Aside from some parts of your body feeling numb, you may be depressed for no apparent reason.
  • You may also feel some prickling sensations on some parts of your body especially on your hands and feet.
  • If you would like to get enough B- Vitamin, you may need to add a lot of leafy greens to your diet.
  • If you are not too fond of eating vegetables, you may add some grass-fed meat as part of your diet. Remember to look for organic food products because this will make a lot of difference.
  1. Cramps

Stomach Ache and Cramps

There are so many things that may cause cramps. You may be swimming and you would suddenly suffer from leg cramps and you will be unable to move your legs for a certain period of time. There are times when the cramps can last long while there are also instances when they will go away if you try moving other parts of your body. When you feel cramps, this means that you are deficient in magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These are all needed by the body.

  • Remember that the more frequent you suffer from cramps, the higher the number of nutrients and vitamins that you need at the soonest possible time.
  • You can get the nutrients that you need by including some nuts on your diet.
  • Eating more vegetables will also make a lot of difference.
  1. Bumps on Your Skin

The bumps on your skin may be looking a bit weird and are somewhat similar to acne. You will get this on different parts of your body if you are suffering from Omega 3 fatty acid deficiency. You may also lack Vitamins A and C.

  • Remember to consume more fish like vitamins and anchovies but the best fish that you can take is salmon. Get the freshest grade of salmon available.
  • Add more vegetables as a part of your diet. You can always substitute your white potatoes for sweet potatoes.
  • You know that you can get enough Vitamin D if you would get just the right amount of sun. The sun in the morning is the best but do not go beyond 10 am as the UV rays of the sun can already do some serious damage.
  1. Check the Corners of Your Mouth

Corners of Your Mouth

If you see nothing different with the corners of your mouth, you know that you do not need to worry about anything but if you see some cracks on the corners of your mouth, this means that you may have some deficiencies not only with vitamins but also some minerals that your body needs.

  • In order to increase the number of minerals that you need, you can add more shellfish as a part of your diet. Get enough clams and oysters that have been retrieved from clean waters.
  • You may also need to include more cauliflower and broccoli as a part of your diet.
  1. Excessive Sweating

If you are sweating too much even when you are not in a place that is technically warm then this may be a sign that you are Vitamin D deficient. One of the most notable symptoms wherein you would begin to see the sweat is on your forehead. You would need to be exposed to more sunlight although this can be hard because you tend to sweat a lot.

  • You can also get Vitamin D if you would add mackerel and eel to your diet.
  • There are also some mushrooms that will give you the right amount of Vitamin D.
  • If in case you love milk, then you have to search for fortified milk that will give you the right amount of Vitamin D.

Another thing that you have to remember when you are having vitamin deficiency problems is you feel moody. You lash out at other people for the simplest things and you cannot seem to control your mood.

You will know if your hormones are all well if your mood as usual. Keep track of all the signs that are mentioned above because if you do not, then you might only detect that you are having problems with your vitamin intake when it is already too late.

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