Health Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

It is possible that at this point in time, you have already tried various shampoos, various products that you usually use for your skin and hair. You may have found some products that can work well with your hair and skin but there are also a lot that were too strong for you. When looking at the ingredients that you can see with the products that you purchase, do you usually see Tea Tree Oil? It is likely that you have already seen it because it is normally one of the ingredients that is placed by various brands and companies on their products because it is effective in making hair and skin healthier.

While it is true that tea tree oil is usually mixed with other ingredients especially when they are already in commercial products, the fact cannot be denied that tea tree oil is already effective on its own. It is not surprising that it has been used by a lot of people in the past. They just did not use it from time to time, they used it often to get rid of some skin and hair problems.

For those who do not know how the use of tea tree oil started, it was first used in Australia by the native aborigines. They used tea tree oil for almost everything. Whenever people had wounds then, tea tree oil was used. The main reason why this is used for almost everything is because it contains antiseptic properties.

Now that you know how it started, you may be curious to know what other things it can do aside from being used to treat wounds. The answer is there are so many benefits that tea tree oil can give. Are you interested to learn more? Then read on.

Art Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil

 Health Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Here are just some of the many benefits of tea tree oil that you can get when you start using it for your skin:

  1. Acne Reduction

There is a chance that you have already used a lot of anti acne products but while some may help a little, there are some that do not do anything at all. Tea tree oil is known to be as effective as one chemical used for acne called Benzoly Peroxide. The great thing about the use of tea tree oil is it does not have any side effects. This means that if a person makes use of tea tree oil or applies it directly to the skin, the skin will not redden or peel off.

  • Place 2 – 3 drops of tea tree oil and mix it with yogurt.
  • Use your fingers in applying the mixture on the places afflicted with acne.
  • Make sure that you will only apply a thin layer.
  • Leave on the skin for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off with water.
  1. Warts

There are instances when people develop warts on different parts of their body. The main reason for this is the production of excess melanin that may cause warts to appear when they are already exposed to sunlight. There may be some treatments that can be used to get rid of warts but one of the best home remedies to use is tea tree oil.

  • Apply tea tree oil together with another type of carrier oil like coconut oil so that it can be absorbed by the skin.
  • Apply directly on the area afflicted with warts.
  • This would have to be done every day until such time when the warts go away.

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  1. Cuts and Burns

If you have gotten a wound because of something that you did or you accidentally burned yourself, you may make use of medications in order to make your wounds and burns heal faster but if you do not want to make use of chemicals, one good alternative is to make use of tea tree oil. Like mentioned earlier, it has a lot of properties that can ensure that cuts and burns will heal faster than usual.

  • Mix tea tree oil with another type of carrier oil before you place it on the cut or the burn.
  • Make sure to rub gently or massage the area around the cut or the burn.
  • This would have to be done several times until such time when the cut or the burn starts to heal although an obvious difference can be seen immediately.

Tea Tree Oil for the Hair

Hair Growth Home Remedy

Now that you have leaned some of the benefits that may be received with the use of Tea Tree oil for the skin, now is the time when you should learn more about the benefits of using this for the hair.

  1. Gets Rid of Dandruff

It is likely that you are afflicted with dandruff for a reason that you are not aware of. Most people do not know why they get dandruff but this is sometimes caused by being stressed out. There are also times when you may get dandruff because you have not washed your hair for days or you may have not rinsed your hair properly for a long period of time.

  • Mix the tea tree oil with your regular shampoo. Make sure that you will only add a few drops of tea tree oil so that it will not be too strong.
  • Use this shampoo mixture every time you wash your hair.
  • You will start to see the results after some time. This remedy has been used for a long period of time.
  1. Prevents Thinning Hair/Hair Fall

It possible that you and everyone in this world are afraid of experiencing hair fall at any point in their lives. For this reason alone, there are a lot of people who are always seeking for remedies that can be used to prevent hair fall. Tea tree oil can be used as a good remedy against hair fall because of its many properties. What tea tree oil does is it retains all the nutrients that the hair has which can make the hair healthier and stronger.

  • Add tea tree oil with products that are used for the hair. Add about 3 drops.
  • Use the hair products as usual.
  • Results may be seen weeks or sometimes even days after making use of the products infused with the tea tree oil.
  1. Moisturizes Scalp

Aside from getting dandruff, one of the main reasons why people usually have itchy scalp is because their scalp is dry. In order to make the scalp become moisturized, the use of tea tree oil is necessary. Tea tree oil will make sure that all of the blockages that may be causing the scalp to dry up will be removed.

  • Mix tea tree oil with jojoba oil.
  • Massage the oil mixture directly unto the scalp.
  • Leave on the scalp for about 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Wash thoroughly with water.

Now that you are already aware of the different benefits that you can get when you make use of tea tree oil, you can be sure that it is one product that can be very effective for the hair and skin. Try to make use of it often and it is very likely that you will see  the difference almost immediately.

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