Pain Behind The Knee – Details You Should Know

There are a lot of people who have the tendency to forget about their ability to move around and have fun taken for granted because they assume that they will always be able to do this. Experiencing knee pain is not fun especially when you begin to feel the pain at the back of your knees. The pain may cause you to limp going to the places that you are going to visit. At times, it may even prevent you from leaving your house because the pain is too much.

You may assume that the pain behind your knee will eventually go away but this is not always the case. When you begin to feel pain behind the knee, this means that you are suffering from something that may be considered as serious. You may think that the best thing to do is to ignore what you are feeling but this is not always the case. It is important that you will get to know all the details that you can find about it.

Pain Behind the Knee

More About Pain Behind the Knee

Pain behind the knee is also known as posterior knee pain. This may be caused by different things. For example, there are times when there is an underlying knee condition involved. Over time, and as people try to ignore knee pain, it will eventually cause an injury. There are also others who only realize that the pain behind the knee is a symptom of a condition that they could have prevented early if only they acted fast.

Some of the usual symptoms that people feel when they are suffering from knee pain are the following:

  • Restriction of movements because of knee pain
  • Sharp pain at the back of the knee
  • Swollen knee

If in case you are having deciphering what is commonly causing your knee pain, you have to think about the following:

  • The symptoms that you normally feel.
  • The type of pain that you are experiencing. Pain can be felt in various forms.

Possible Causes of Pain Behind the Knee

  1. Arthritis


Whenever the word ‘arthritis’ is mentioned, this may refer to joint pain but since there are many types of joint pain, it may describe any rheumatic condition. There are a lot of people in the world who are suffering from arthritis although they do not realize it yet. There are more women who are affected by this condition as compared to men. In the past, arthritis was thought to be a diseases that only affects those who are 50 years old and above but over the past years, it has been noted that even those who are under 18 now exhibit some symptoms of joint pain.

Although there are not enough studies that will show exactly what may possibly cause arthritis, there are some people who may have factors that will allow them to be afflicted by arthritis stronger. For example, those who are overweight or obese may aggravate knee arthritis. There are also some people who have suffered from certain types of knee conditions who may be afflicted more by arthritis.

There are some who experience the condition so bad that they opt to get knee replacements so that they can start walking again but this can be complicated too as it will require some therapy in order for people to get used to their new knees. For those who do not have serious arthritis, they may be described some medications for the pain. Those who are overweight would be required to lose a bit of weight as the extra weight can add pressure to the joints. After you have been diagnosed with arthritis, you will be required to do regular checkups with your doctor.

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  1. Hamstring Injury

This is a condition also known as Hamstring Tendonitis. Basically, you will know if you have this condition when you suddenly feel that the back of your knee feels stiff and you can barely move them in the beginning. As you continue with your workout or as you continue running, you will notice that the pain will start to subside and you can continue with what you are doing with ease.

This is a condition usually felt by runners who like to participate in races that would require running for a long period of time and run the wrong manner. This means that the hips are not normally used. As this is often done, the hamstring will start to feel the fatigue and will no longer function as they should.

The possible treatment for this condition is to undergo a gait analysis. This will help your physician know which parts of your muscles are having trouble with all the running that you are doing. At the same time, there may be treatments that will be recommended meant to strengthen some parts of the knee.

Michele Olson, PhD has created one movement that you can do at home in order to treat hamstring injury.

  • Lie down with your back flat on the floor.
  • Put a resistance band on your bent knees.
  • Try opening your knees by pushing against the band.

This can be done everyday. There should be three sets of 25 reps each time this is done.

  1. Knee Sprain

Knee Sprain

You will realize that you have a knee sprain if you are having some trouble walking and bending your knees. This occurs when you tear or stretch the ligaments found on your knees. If you are not sure what ligaments are, these are in charge of making sure that your bones will be held together. They can also support the rest of the knee.

You may get a knee sprain when you make sudden movements that your knee and the ligaments were not ready for yet. You may do this when you are playing sports or when you jump and you land wrongly on the ground. Another possible reason why you may get a knee sprain is if you accidentally hit your knee against a hard object. This may occur when you take a fall on the ground while your knees are bent or when you get pushed against the wall or another hard object too forcefully.

There are some factors that may increase the probability that you are going to suffer from knee sprain like the fact that you do not stretch or warm up before you do any form of exercise. This can also occur when you do too much exercise.

There are different types of treatments that are available for your knee sprain depending on the severity. There are times when you make need some medications in order to improve your condition. When the condition is really bad, surgery may be required. After surgery, physical therapy may be required so that you can gain control of your legs again.

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  1. Bakers Cyst

You will know if you have this condition when you try to straighten your leg and when you do, you will begin to feel something that feels like a lump behind your knee. When you try to touch it, it will feel like a water balloon.

The main cause of this condition is too much running. When people run all the time, they have the tendency to move their legs in a motion that is highly repetitive. This will make the cartilages rub against each other more often than they should. As a result, the posterior cap and the soft tissues located at the back of the knee can become inflamed.

Possible Treatment: In order to get rid of this condition, the best thing to do is to get rid of the fluid. This can be done by getting an injection for the back of the knee or have the fluid taken out by getting it aspirated. Another alternative treatment available is to get a special type of massage that can be very useful in removing the fluids stuck in the knee further. As the treatments continue, the chances that the fluid will start to subside is likely but remember that if you come back to running and aggravate the condition of the areas that are involved, this condition may come back.

  1. Posterior Cartilage/Meniscus Tear

This is known as a tear that has occurred at the back of the cartilage particularly near the lining in the joint. This may be aggravated if you normally do various activities such as walking and running up and down the stairs. You can tell if you are suffering from this condition if aside from pain in the knee, you are going to experience a bit of swelling at the back of the knee. You may also have trouble trying to bend and straighten your knee especially if you are doing it in a fast manner.

Remember that the swelling may not take place immediately. In fact you may be able to do some of your normal activities even when you are already feeling a bit of pain. The only time when you could not move that much anymore is when there is already inflammation involved.

In order to help cure this tear, you need to seek the advice of the physician as there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. First and foremost, there is a need to know how big the tear is. After that, other factors will also be considered like your gender, age and current lifestyle. It may be a bit harder if you have undergone some injuries related to this before.

There is also a portion in the meniscus that is known as the “white zone.” This can be harder to heal as blood does not flow freely there. It will not heal on its own. Aside from surgery, you may be required by your doctor to take bed rest for a certain period of time or at least until the tear heals. After the tear heals, you may still need to undergo physical therapy. Once again, this will depend on the severity of the tear that you have experienced.

  1. Tendonitis


There is a possibility that your calf muscle will cross behind the knee and become attached to the knee joint. When this happens often, the calf muscles and the tendons will become stressed. This is a condition that is usually experienced by cyclists because of the movements that they normally do with their bicycles especially if they do it often.

In order to avoid this from happening, you are required to make sure that it will be easy for you to use your bike. Make sure that your seat is not too high or you are not too far from your pedals. Tendonitis may appear if you would not let your butt muscles do their job and guide.

In order to avoid this from happening, you are required to rest your legs after you have ridden your bike for a long time. If you are feeling a bit of inflammation, you may also need to place ice on the affected areas of your knees. Wearing a compression sleeve on the affected knee will also make a huge difference.

It should be remembered that just because you are experiencing knee pain, you will not be allowed to exercise anymore. Exercise can do a lot for your knees provided that you are not going to overdo it. Even if you would be required to rest, do not rest too much to the point that you will stop any movement that you can do wherein you will be using your legs.

In order to avoid feeling different types of knee pain, remember to pay attention to your weight. You are not supposed to be overweight as this can cause some issues with your knees. You are not required to reach your ideal weight immediately. A little bit of weight loss can already make a lot of difference. To help you further, ask for advice from your physician about the things that you should do and the things you should avoid to prevent having issues with the back of your knees.

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