10 Home Remedies for Stomach Ache and Cramps

Have you ever experienced getting stomach ache and cramps and you do not know what you are going to do to help get rid of the pain? It is highly likely that you would like to become well so that you can continue on with the tasks that you have to do. Instead of drinking medications every time you feel pain, what you can do instead is to make sure that you make use of some of the available home remedies.

Before you start doing some of the home remedies that can help get rid of your stomach ache and cramps, you have to know the reasons why you have acquired it in the first place. There are various possible reasons. It can be because you are about to get your period or it may also be because you have some digestive problems that you have not solved just yet. Usually, those that are not that serious can cause more pain than the more serious conditions so any type of pain should be checked. If you are sure that your stomach aches and cramps are caused by certain non life threatening conditions, here are some of the home remedies that you may want to try out.

Stomach Ache and Cramps

10 Home Remedies for Stomach Ache and Cramps

  1. Chamomile Tea

One of the main reasons why chamomile can be very effective is because it has anti inflammatory properties that can help get rid of the inflammation in the digestive system that might be causing the stomach pain. At the same time, chamomile tea can soothe the system overall and make people feel better.


  • Place a tea bag of chamomile tea on hot water.
  • Let it steep for about 10 minutes.
  • Take out the tea bag and let it cool down.
  • Sip slowly.

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Chamomile Tea

  1. Do Breathing Methods

There are instances when you would need to distract yourself from the pain and you can only do this by doing some breathing methods. Breathing can help relax the body overall although this will take the most effect with people who only have mild cramps.


  • Breathe in and out slowly. This will be more effective if you are also lying down.
  • Think about things that are pleasant and try to divert your attention away from the pain.
  • Use fast and shallow breathing style to make breathing more effective.
  1. Ginger

There are a lot of home remedy lists that include ginger as one of the things that can be used to get rid of discomfort caused by certain conditions. This is very easy to understand since ginger contains anti inflammatory properties that can help get rid of the inflammation in the stomach. Do remember that while there is ginger powder available, fresh ginger can still be the most effective one to use against abdominal pain and cramps.


  • Prepare a cup of hot water.
  • Place freshly sliced ginger on the cup of hot water.
  • Let it steep for about 10 minutes.
  • Take out the sliced ginger and add honey to make the tea taste better.
  • Sip slowly.


  1. Licorice

It is possible that you do not like licorice and would not want to do anything with it since you dislike the taste. Do remember that it can be effective in getting rid of an upset stomach too.


  • Clean a raw licorice and chew on it.
  • Do this for about a few minutes.
  • You can do this before meals.
  1. Lemon

If in case you have not realized it yet, lemon can be one of the most versatile fruits that you can get. Aside from the fact that it is packed with vitamins and minerals, it can also help get rid of some stomach problems that can help get rid of the pain that you are feeling.


  • Get a fresh lemon and squeeze it in a cup of water.
  • Place a little bit of honey to make it taste sweeter.
  • Drink slowly.
  • This can be done about 2x a day.

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Lemon Juice

  1. Water

You may not realize this but there is a reason why water is the universal beverage. It does not taste like any other beverage that you may taste but it is very versatile and you can mix it with everything. Sometimes, plain water is enough to help you get rid of some digestion problems and stomach cramps. You just need to hydrate yourself constantly.


  • Make sure that you have clean water. You may want to drink room temperature water if your stomach is too sensitive.
  • Drink about 8 – 10 glasses of water every day.
  1. Salt Water

If in case you would like to make water more effective, you can probably use salt water. This might come as shocking to you since salt water is more popularly used to help get rid of sore throat. Using it as an aid for your digestion can help too.


  • Prepare a cup of warm water.
  • Place a teaspoon of salt. Sea salt may be the most effective out of all the salts that are available.
  • Mix the salt and water together.
  • Drink it as quickly as you can or drink it like as if you are drinking normal water.
  1. Exercise

It is likely that you do not see the need to exercise when you are already undergoing a lot of pain but what you have to remember is that whenever you exercise, you are improving your blood circulation and this can help relieve the pain that you are feeling in your abdominal area.


  • Try to do easy exercises like take a walk around your room. You may lie down from time to time if you cannot take the pain.
  • You can also do some yoga positions if you are aware because this can help distract you from the pain that you are feeling.
  • Avoid doing some exercises that involve trying to power up your abdomen because this will not be effective at all.

Exercise Regularly

  1. Drink Cola

How can something that tastes so good help in getting rid of stomach problems? This is quite easy. Cola has been created before as a liquid that can be used to help get rid of stomach cramps and indigestion. It is only fitting that it can still be used right now for the same purpose. Just remember to get cola that is close to how it was made before to make it more effective in getting rid of the abdominal pain.


  • Drink the cola once a day.
  • Make sure that you will drink it after you have eaten a light meal since it might upset your stomach if you have not eaten anything yet.
  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another one of those items that are most commonly used for home remedies. The great thing about Aloe Vera is that its gel is very effective for a variety of things. It is only expected that it can also help in some digestive problems and abdominal cramps.


  • Get the Aloe Vera Gel and place it on the abdomen.
  • Another alternative is to drink the essence of the Aloe Vera.

With these home remedies that are mentioned above, getting rid of stomach aches and pains can be much easier to do.

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