15 Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of Guava Fruit

Guavas may be known by its other names depending on where it is seen. This fruit may sometimes be neglected because it is normally hard even when it is already ripe. It also has a lot of seeds but these seeds can be edible. It has a lot of contents that can be good for the health however and it will be worth knowing what this fruit can do for your health.

You may think at this point that it is okay to start spreading that guava jam on your bread together with butter but you may have to think twice about using processed guava. A better option is to just grab fresh guava and enjoy its very distinct taste. You will realize that it does not taste like any other fruit.

The medicinal properties of guava have always been well known. It contains minerals, vitamins, and sugars. Are you already curious to know more about it? There are some simple facts that you should know:

  • Guava is consumed in different degrees of ripeness.
  • Guava can be used for cooking.
  • Guava juice with a little bit of honey is recommended instead of guava juice with sugar.

Now that you are aware of some of the fast facts about guava, you have the right to know its many benefits. For sure, you would like to stock up on this fruit once you know the different things that it can provide for you.

Health Benefits of Guava
Health Benefits of Guava

Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of Guava Fruit

  1. It can help lower the risk of having cancer

Cancer is known as one of the deadliest diseases right now. It has managed to take a lot of people young or old into dying sooner than expected. There is no clear cure for this yet although chemotherapy and radiation are known to work for certain types of cancer depending on the severity. In order to decrease the chances of acquiring this condition, taking guavas can be effective.

Guavas contain Vitamin C, quercetin, and lycopene that are all well known to be antioxidants that can get rid of toxins in the body that may eventually lead to cancer. The intake of guava can help reduce the number of free radicals found in the body too. Taking guavas is known to be most effective for prostate and breast cancer.

  1. It can help improve eyesight

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There are more and more people who are suffering from poor eyesight nowadays. It might be because people are more exposed to various gadgets that cause them to just be focused on the screen for hours at a time. Doing this often can strain the eyes and make eyesight poorer.

Guava contains Vitamin A which is known to be always effective for eyesight. Vitamin A can also be found in other fruits and vegetables. This can be effective not only in preventing the degeneration of your eyesight but it will improve your eyesight again. Achieving 20/20 vision may be possible again. It can also slow down the growth of cataracts.

  1. It can help get rid of toothache

Home Remedies for Toothache

One of the most uncomfortable things that you have to experience is having a toothache. It can make you feel like your whole mouth and sometimes even your whole face is sore. You would like to fight the infection at the soonest possible time and kill the germs that are causing you to feel uncomfortable. Otherwise, it will be harder for you to function.

Guava contains anti-inflammatory properties and anti-bacterial properties that can kill the bacteria or the germs that are causing you to feel uncomfortable. This can be a great natural remedy for toothache. You do not need to drink medications that are laden with chemicals anymore. At the same time, the use of guava leaves can also get rid of your gums’ inflammation.

  1. It can be effective in helping you become less stressed

What normally causes you to feel stressed throughout the day? Is it because of the different tasks that you have to do? Is it because you were unable to do certain activities and you are starting to become frustrated? Perhaps it is because of the bad things that happened to you throughout the day. The reasons why you are feeling stressed may vary greatly.

If you feel that you are starting to become too stressed out, the best option is to take guavas. Guavas contain magnesium and this can be relaxing to the rest of your body and also your nerves. Upon taking guavas, you will start to feel more relaxed and ready to take on new tasks as you will be given a sustainable amount of energy.

  1. It can help you lose weight

Lose Weight

There are a lot of people who are frustrated about their weight. Are you one of them? If yes, then perhaps you have tried a lot of diets already but none of these diets worked as well as you like. Perhaps you need some boosters that will allow you to lose weight more effectively like guavas.

It helps that guava contains a lot of proteins, fiber, and vitamins that the body needs but what makes it even more effective is the fact that it can help improve your current metabolism. Metabolism slows down as people age. Taking guava may boost it and make it more regulated. Remember that eating guavas can be filling too and it contains less sugar than all the other fruits that are considered healthy.

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  1. It can be your remedy against constipation

Not being able to release stools whenever you would like can be frustrating. Those who are suffering from constipation sometimes go through a few days before they are able to remove toxins from their body. Since this contains a lot of dietary fiber which is known to aid in digestion, you know that it will improve your digestive health greatly.

In order to make the intake of guava more effective against constipation, you should focus on taking guava seeds. You can ingest them whole as they are normally small but you can chew them too if you are a bit uncomfortable with swallowing them whole.

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  1. It can be effective for pregnant women

There are some pregnant women who do not get enough nutrients that are needed by their body and their baby. If you are pregnant and you would like to make sure that you will stay healthy enough, then add guava to your diet.

The folic acid and the Vitamin B-9 that are present in guava makes this more effective. You can expect that your baby’s nervous system will become more developed as it grows older in your womb. Remember that you only want the best for your child.

  1. This can be effective in getting rid of cough and colds

Get Rid of a Dry Cough

Do you normally get cough and colds especially if the weather usually changes? You have to protect yourself further by making sure that you will pay attention to the food that you eat. Make sure that you will add guavas to your normal diet.

Guavas contain Vitamin C and iron that are known to be highly effective in getting rid of some of the possible viruses and bacteria that can cause cough and colds. If you would take the juice of guavas, this can be taken in order to get rid of your cough. It can also dispel unpleasant mucus from your throat and lungs so that you can start breathing better.

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  1. It can make your heart healthy

There are a lot of people who suffer from heart ailments although not everyone is aware that they are already having some issues with their heart. Heart problems may stem from different factors like the food that you eat and even your age. It is important to pay attention to the food that you eat and the activities that you do in order to keep your heart healthy.

Guavas contain enough sodium and potassium that are meant to regulate your blood pressure. When blood pressure becomes too high, this can take a toll on the heart and the rest of the body. Guava intake can increase the levels of good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol effectively.

  1. This can help strengthen your immunity

Boosts Immune System

Do you realize that your immune system is in charge of making sure that you will not get sick? Every day, it fights off a lot of bacteria and viruses so that you can stay protected all day long. When your immune system is low, you will be prone to getting various types of diseases. You do not want this to happen.

In order to improve your immune system, the best thing to do is to take guavas. Guavas contain a lot of Vitamin C. Studies show that it contains more vitamin C than oranges so if you want a vitamin C source, just take enough guavas and it will be good for you. You can expect that you will not become too susceptible to infections anymore.

  1. This can be good for those who are suffering from diabetes

There are some people who are born with diabetes and there are also some who develop diabetes because of their lifestyle. If you have type II diabetes and you would like to improve your current condition, you can add guavas to your current diet.

Aside from the fact that guavas can be effective in stopping the start of diabetes, they can also be effective in regulating your current blood sugar levels. When you have diabetes, there is a danger that it will suddenly spike up and you will not feel too good.

  1. It can help relax your muscles

Psoas Muscle Exercise

There are days when you have gone through a lot of strenuous activities and you know that your muscles are tense all over. You always have an option to get a massage after a long day but if you do not have the budget to get a massage or you do not have the time anymore, you can simply take guava.

Guava contains magnesium. This is a well-known muscle relaxant that can effectively lessen the tension on your muscles and nerves. It also helps that guavas can give you the energy boost that you need especially when you still have some activities to do after a long day.

Some Good Effects of Guava for the Skin

Get Rid of Dry Skin

It is not only your overall health that can be improved by taking guavas. Guavas can also be effective in making your skin healthier.

  1. It can improve your complexion

Do you sometimes feel that your skin does not look fresh anymore? Perhaps you sometimes feel that your skin is not radiant enough. In order to improve your skin, you can add guavas to your diet. Instead of eating the guava though, you can make a guava scrub. You just need to add an egg yolk. Mix it properly and place it on your skin. Remember to leave the scrub on your face for about 20 minutes before rinsing completely with water.

  1. It can help reduce signs of aging

One of the things that can frustrate people is the fact that their skin can show their actual age. The norm right now is people would preserve their looks as much as they can. If you want to make use of natural remedies to do this then the guava can be good for you. Since guava contains lycopene and carotene that are known to be effective in getting rid of wrinkles, you will not be disappointed.

  1. It can help make your skin smoother in general

The texture of your skin can make a big difference in how fresh you look. The use of guavas can be very effective in toning your skin. It also helps that it can tighten your facial muscles so you will feel that your skin is smoother.

Based on the things that are mentioned about guavas and the various benefits that you can receive from them, don’t you think you should start adding them to your diet. All types of guavas no matter how ripe guavas are can be effective. Do not underestimate this superfood.

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